Dogs That Are Totally Sick Of Their Own Puppies And Can’t Help But Let It Show

Although making the decision to become a parent is both exciting and life-changing, it certainly doesn’t come without its share of stress. Taking your eye off a child for even a brief moment can result with little Jimmy tumbling down the stairs or accidentally shattering a family heirloom.

Don’t think for one second our canine companions have it any easier, either. Just like every mother and father in the world, there are plenty of days they just want to wave the white flag in defeat. Welcome to parenthood, pooches. Try to enjoy the tender moments along the way…

1. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and this photo proves it. This mother needed some downtime, so she rolled onto her back as if to say, “Don’t bother me.” Then, her pups did exactly the same.

2. Look at these two adorable sacks of wrinkles having fun! Mommy is being super patient as her baby gives her face some love smacks. True love is defined as putting up with light physical abuse from your offspring now and then.

3. “Not now child, it’s my turn for attention.” This mother’s tired of paying attention to her kids all day, but as soon as she approaches her owner for some tender love and care of her own, in pops mini Fido.

4. Any proud parent looks upon their children in awe, just as this dog’s doing. To think so many adorable little pups came from her hard work is enough to excite even the hardest-to-please parents.

5. This is the face any parent makes after spending an hour alone with their energy-filled rambunctious little ones. Of course, parents love their children to no end, but you’re always walking a fine line between sanity and pulling your hair out.

6. When a parent is tired of being the pillow for their exhausted little ones, they’ll volunteer one of them to take over the role. And honestly, it can’t be that uncomfortable when you have such fluffy heads resting on you.

7. Hey, somebody come quick and help that little guy stuck upside-down among his thirsty brother and sisters! It looks like he just fell backwards onto the pile and hoped to weasel his way in without much effort.

8. There are opportune times to snap pictures and then there are less-than-ideal times. When the kiddies are having a drink, probably best to wait until they’re finished.

9. When your kids are running around like crazy, and you can’t seem to keep an eye on all of them at once, this is a genius idea. Let them snuggle up close to each other and learn what it’s like to be in time out.

10. When the kids finally go to sleep after hours of chaos, this is exactly what any parent does. They retreat to their safe space, plop right down with a big sigh, and slowly muster up the energy to do it again.

11. This proud parent stands tall as her young ones sleep in a row. It even looks like she’s dozing off sitting up, which no one could blame them for. Having five kids to deal with is totally draining.

12. This is the literal definition of “looking over the children.” What better place to perch yourself when you have a litter of young ones to look after? Plus, if any of them have nightmares, the mother can just poke them awake!

13. Daddy jumped in to photobomb this photo of mommy and the pups! Mom looks completely depleted in the dog pen, but dad has enough energy to take over and make sure she gets some much-needed rest.

14. There’s nothing quite like taking the kids for a pleasant stroll through the park on a gorgeous day, especially when those kids are adorable little fluffballs. This mother has every reason in the world to be proud.

15. Those are a whole lot of black dots lying in that puppy crate, and that’s one concerned mom. They just need to keep an eye for crafty ol’ Cruella de Vil in case she comes slinking around town.

16. These have to be the four most adorable behinds ever captured on camera. This mother is looking up as if aghast that her owner was able to capture such an exposed moment. “How dare you! These are children!”

17. Well, it looks like this parent finally found the time to visit her pups in jail. They must have been bad boys to deserve a time out in puppy prison. Maybe they were arrested for being too cute.

18. Man, you really can’t look to much more exhausted than this. This mom is certainly a good sport for expending all of her energy to keep her pups entertained, but now it’s clearly time to hit the hay.

19. When your kids misbehave, and you don’t have the energy to chase them around to keep them in line, just stick them in a crate and call it a day. Puppy parenting books will tell you it’s the most efficient way.

20. This is one parent who just gave up completely. Let the little ones play among themselves until they’re too winded to continue. This momma threw in the towel and now just wants big bowl of kibbles.

Sometimes other stressors push dogs to wear their emotions on their furry sleeves. This frightened flat-faced cutie — you know, the second pup in who looks like she just saw her life flash before her eyes — is questioning what on earth you signed her up for. This is not relaxing.

Bored Panda

2. “Act natural.” Listen, they said they don’t know who did it or what even happened here. If you’re asking us, these are the two most innocent little mutts we ever did see. They deserve some good-boy-pats.


3. Stab him in the back why don’t you? This kitty seems to not only feel jealous, but downright betrayed by his beloved human family member. Exclusion hurts, and so do a scorned cat’s claws.

Give It Love

4. His face says it all. The deception, the mendacity. This poor pup was so unimpressed by his owner’s devious scheme to bathe him, and his refusal to hide it has us chuckling.

Give It Love

5. Here’s a traumatizing experience that surely led to an identity crisis. Is he a dog or a unicorn? Or rather some strange, hybrid breed reminiscent of a centaur? Either way, he looks pretty peeved.

Give It Love

6. “We’re in this together, buddy.” These silly fluff-balls assumed they were being dragged to the dreaded vet, obviously comforting each other in preparation for the nightmare that was to come. Little did the doggos know, they were actually being rewarded with a trip to the dog park!

The Things

7. “This is embarrassing, Karen.” Pet owners love forcing their pets to dress up in miscellaneous animal costumes for Halloween, which almost always produces hilarious results. This poor Corgi is absolutely done with parading around as a lobster.


8. She has had enough. You don’t even want to hear about this kitty’s stressful day at work. She just needs a beer and a trash-filled episode of The Real Housewives to properly unwind.

Bored Panda

9. So close, yet so far. This dog couldn’t even fathom the fact that his owners had the nerve to remove him from a bacon-related scenario. You guys really did him dirty. Darn your delectable, savory bacon.

Give It Love

10. This panorama was taken straight from hell. What was originally supposed to be a cute in-the-moment pic revealed itself to be pure nightmare fuel. He just wants to know what’s so gosh darn funny.


11. Well, it’s five o’clock somewhere. This dog would really prefer to enjoy a relaxing glass of merlot on the couch without your judging eyes on him. The pooch had a long day, give him a break!

Bored Panda

12. “So you mean to tell me that this is not what the mysterious, shiny bowl is for?” This blonde husky looks pretty unbothered by the fact that he’s reposing in a stool pool, and we’re absolutely not shaming him for it.


13. A sparkling new kitten has clearly stolen the warm affection of this mongrel’s tiny human best friend. Despite her infatuation with the new family member, we think that the melancholy dog’s BFF hasn’t forgotten about him after all.

14. We have to say, it’s pretty admirable that this dog didn’t even attempt to cover up her blatantly destructive battle with couch pillows. It’s pretty obvious as to who won the battle.


15. “Oh, I didn’t expect you home so early!” Look at him, caught red-handed with his paws buried in shelves-worth of human food. This mutt better put down that bacon if he wants to be called a good boy.


16. The queen of “I didn’t do it,” takes the form of a mangy little mutt who’s just so hard to get truly mad at. We do expect her to clean up this horrid mess, however.

Animal World

17. “George, do you think this is a joke? Where are my Beggin’ Strips?” Here Shiba Inu is absolutely not amused by these tiny green trees on his plate.


18. The moment he realized he wasn’t actually going to the park was the moment he lost faith in everything he ever knew. Was he even truly a good boy, or was it all a lie? Just thinking about the terrors of the vet had the poor pooch shaking.

19. Despite the fact that she’s all wrapped up in a warm towel, the terrors of bath time left a deep mark on this sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Just the mere sight of water will trigger the pup forever.

The Things

20. Yes, you have permission to devour this piece of “cake.” The pure shock and utter confusion on his face leads us to believe the hound was unaware that the cake was made of dog food. Either way, we know the meat cake was gone within one second of this picture being snapped.

Bark Post

21. While some cats and dogs are best friends, others can’t quite manage to get along. This dog is taking no chances when it comes to spying on the feline interloper who is currently sitting on his master’s lap.


22. This little dog, like many other canines, is terrified of thunderstorms. His favorite place to hide when the thunder starts? Inside of his owner’s bookcase. At least he’s surrounded by plenty of reading material to keep him busying until the storm passes.


23. Isn’t it supposed to be cats who are afraid of cucumber and squashes like this one? If that’s the case then apparently these two corgis never got the memo. Makes you wonder what vegetables ever did to them!


24. All dogs react a little bit differently when their owner turns on the vacuum. Some aren’t bothered, while others run and hide. This dog’s reaction to the dreaded device really takes the cake. Look at those eyes!


25. This little duckling is more than happy to be smiling and saying cheese for the camera. This soggy pooch, however, seems a little bit baffled and a lot aghast at the presence of this strange creature in his backyard.


26. In the wintertime there is nothing worse than putting your bare feet onto the cold ground. Now imagine how it feels for poor dogs! They have to sleep on the floor, after all. This dog is doing everything possible to avoid leaving his warm napping spot.


27. This big dog has been afraid of going down the stairs ever since he was a little puppy. He likes to lay down at the top of the stairs and look down, whimpering, hoping someone will carry him downstairs, the big chicken.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 2.14.40 PM

28. There’s getting stuck between a rock and a hard place and then there’s getting stuck between, well, a sink and a washing machine. Who knows what this dog was hunting back there, but he’s definitely regretting his choices now.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 2.14.59 PM

29. You might think that a big dog wouldn’t be afraid of anything, but that’s not always the case. This husky was so terrified by this much smaller dog that his owner had to pick him like a baby to “rescue” him from his tiny new friend.


30. The insidious vacuum strikes again! This dog has a funny way of escaping the vacuum. He waits until his owner crouches and then hops on her back, and hopefully, to safety! Not exactly a brilliant plan, but a very funny one.


31. This giant dog could easily overpower these four little kittens, but apparently he doesn’t know that. Instead he’s fled to a chair for safety, much like a lady jumping up on a stool in the presence of a mouse. The kittens seem curious!


32. When this family brought home a battery powered jumping sheep toy they had no idea that it would drive their dog to utter distraction. This dog gets so excited by the toy he can’t tell if he’s coming or going!


33. This cat looks eager to make friends with this dog, but he is too much of a nervous Nelly to even bother coming out onto the porch to say hello. “I’ll say hi from here,” he seems to be saying with his nervous expression.


34. Every dog has their favorite toy, but have you ever seen a dog respond so passionately to being presented with one? This pug can’t seem to handle her excitement when confronted with this chew toy. She’s like a teen at a One Direction concert.


35. The smile on this dog is proof that it isn’t just humans who feel absolutely amazing after taking a nice refreshing shower after a long day. Clearly that shampoo is doing wonders on his coat, too!


36. Looks like this goofy pet doesn’t know how to pose for the camera just yet! The family Christmas card is going to be quite the talk this year… Although we must say, that silly face may be better than a normal smile.

37. Wait… is that a lab or a strange, dog T-Rex? It sure looks he may be contemplating that exact thing in the deep end of this pool himself.

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