Hilarious Photos Of People’s Pets That Have Some Serious Sibling Rivalries

Sibling relationships are known for extremes. One minute they’re fighting like mortal enemies, and the next, they’re back to having a grand old time. Surprisingly, this dynamic holds up as much for animals as it does for humans.

When it comes to these pets, they show off some hilarious reactions while spending time together — especially when they’re different species. You’d probably be surprised by just how much you can relate to these animal siblings’ situations!

1. “Who’s this new guy with the long nose and floppy ears?” These cats look as if they’ve never seen a dog before in their lives, let alone in their own home!

Reddit / panda_nectar

2. When you see your brother or sister in an embarrassing neck cone of shame, you can’t help but gloat just a little bit. We have to say that sitting on top of the cone might be overkill. This canine must feel like anything but top dog!

Reddit / blehavenbest

3. Pretty surprising how the baby pig is nibbling on the dog and not the other way around! The good news is that these two like each other too much to turn on one another. Also, their family undoubtedly keeps them well-fed.

YouTube / Barcroft TV

4. Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? As this pup adjusts to his new home, he thinks everything’s going swimmingly. But he has no idea he’s getting the glare to end all glares from his brother behind the sofa.


5. Just because animals don’t eat with silverware doesn’t mean they’re not naturals at spooning. By the looks of it, nobody could pry these pet pals apart even if they had a crowbar.

Reddit / Gabriellogan52

6. “Retreat! We’re outnumbered! Retreat!” You can see the fear in this pooch’s eyes when she saw she was surrounded by cats on all sides. Luckily for her, she probably isn’t in any real danger, based on the kitties’ bored expression.

Twitter / Cherie Priest

7. For most cats, it’s bad enough when you have to go on a car ride. What makes it even worse is when you have to watch your human scratch the chin of another animal! “Are we there yet, mom?”

Reddit / nanatalada

8. Hey now, there’s plenty of room on the couch for everyone. Just like human siblings, these corgis can spat when they can’t get their way. Odds are, however, that both of them forgot about their feud just a few seconds later.

9. Unlike the corgis, this pup has no issue sharing the couch with other animals. The only problem is that he’s chosen to sit directly on one of the other animals. All of the sudden, the cat thinks sitting on the floor can’t be so bad after all.

Imgur / pulchritude022

10. These pets must have been watching Looney Tunes lately because this photo is like Sylvester and Tweety Bird come to life. Perfectly content, the parakeets sit on their natural predator without a worry in the world.

11. When this kitty spots the puppy that her people brought home, she can’t help but scream. Either that or the photographer caught the cat in the middle of a yawn. Like all great photos, the meaning is somewhat up to the viewer.


12. Most dogs won’t think twice about doing something extreme, like chasing after a car on the street or drinking out of the toilet. But they can also freak out about the smallest things. When this pooch meets the family hamster, he looks like he’s seen a ghost.

13. Just look at that loving gaze! Although we see a lot of tense moments between pets — particularly cats and dogs — these two prove that moments of true friendship are indeed possible.

Reddit / securitygirl1989

14. Parents end up breaking up all the fights, whether it’s kids or pets. After this pug discovered the cat curled up in his bed, he naturally went to his family to intercede. His angry eyes are commanding, “Do something about this, human!”

15. Dogs, cats, chickens — it doesn’t matter. All outdoor pets want to be indoor pets. Judging by their intense gazes, there’s also some delicious, freshly cooked food in that kitchen. It’s tough to beg through the window.

16. When the cat tries to go downstairs at the same time as the dog tries to go upstairs, the entire household comes to a standstill. This is one staring contest that will go on for days — or until someone nearby has some food.

17. And the award for the world’s angriest selfie goes to…this feline! He can’t help but feel extremely annoyed that the family dog is hogging so much room on the couch. At least he can take solace in the fact that the camera loves him.

Reddit / SecretAg3nt

18. Pets are soft and warm, like a pillow. Of course, most of us don’t use them as actual pillows. This pooch, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to rest his head on his cat sibling. He looks like he’s never been comfier, though we can’t say the same for the kitty.

19. When it comes to humans, some people are huggers, while others prefer to not touch anybody. Pets are the same way. The cat is clearly looking forward to this display of affection being over for good.

20. This golden retriever looks like he would like to speak to the manager. To be fair, wouldn’t you be a little perplexed if you walked into your bedroom and found someone else sleeping in your bed?

Reddit / haysalpj

21. “No, by all means, you take my bed. I’m good with this basket.” – said no one ever. Look, you two already share the same fur coat, what’s so bad about sharing a bed? There is plenty of room for two to get cozy.


22. This seems fair. It only makes sense after all that the guest should have a nice, big bed. Just wait until old collie boy finds out that this little kitten is no guest, she’s here to stay man.


23. Cat – 1, Dogs – 0. In a game with two against one, you’d think the outcome would be obvious. But these two huskies are here to remind people not to be too confident when gambling with precious territory. Two is just a number.

bully-cats-4Reddit/Surgio Clemente

24. “Are you really going to let this fly?” This poor pup is looking to his mom for help. Unfortunately for him, mom just thought this was too good of a photo op to pass up. Looks like you’re going to have to stick up for yourself, dawg.


25. “Oh my god, Becky look at that cat. She is just like sleeping in my bed. I mean, she just took it like it’s hers. She’s only doing it cause she thinks she’s better than dogs and all. I mean gross, look. She’s just such a… cat!”

26. Perfectly normal… just looking at this photo, it is pretty obvious whose bed is whose at this point. As the great poet once said, “though she be but little, she is fierce.” You work those prints girl.


27. “I didn’t want to lay there, anyway.” Sure, sure you didn’t. The cold, hard floor is much better than a nice cushiony bed…


28. “Room for another?” This dog is not one to admit defeat so easily. If he can still get his snout and a paw in there, he is still in the game. Kit, on the other hand,nd is just like, “will you give it up already?”


29. On this episode of trading places: when he came back to find the cat had moved into his space he acted real chill and slipped into her vacated bed. When questioned about this move, he simply said he was trying to think outside the box.


30. “We’re going to need a plan.” What this really translates to is, “Mom! Dad! She stole my bed. Make her move!”


31. “This just isn’t fair!” Well, life isn’t fair old chap. It might be a dog eat dog world, but It’s also a cat snooze in dog world, too.


32. “I’ll just lay down right here, I guess.” As if the poor pup couldn’t be any more humiliated, now he’s about to have his cat sister walk all over him as she gets out of (her) bed.


33. “No, you have it. I insist.” How perfect is it that the bed has ‘posh’ embroderied on it. It’s almost like they knew.


34. “A little help here?” I don’t think interventions work the same in pet world. Unfortunately, you two are going to have battle for the bed.


35. Cats aren’t the only ones pushing their luck. “Oh… I was just checking to see if the asparagus was fresh. I swear!” This little guy’s eyes just say it all, don’t they? He knows exactly what he did, and he is terrified to have been caught.

36. “There’s a what where? I’m sorry, I don’t know what ‘lid’ means. It it that thing you’re always feeding whenever you want to throw out the food that you could have just given to me? Oh, it is? Okay, got it.”


37. “Hey friend! Why don’t you just go ahead and jump in with me? Uh, yeah, the water’s just a little bit warm. Don’t worry about that. I definitely had nothing to do with that, trust me.”


38. “At last, I will destroy—no, uh, I definitely wasn’t doing anything! That stuffed caterpillar is just, um, playing with me! Yeah, that’s right, we’re the best of friends. Tell them we’re friends, buddy!”


39. “I regret nothing! I don’t even mind the fact that I appear to be trapped in this huge, fluffy pillow. I am comfortable right now, and that is all that matters. So hey, leave me alone!”

40. “What? No, I’m not doing anything. I was just, uh, making sure you had your wallet. I’m happy to report that it’s safe and sound. Yup, it’s right here in your purse, where it’s always been. Untouched. Why do you have that look on your face?”

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