Wild Photos Of Golden Retrievers That Show A Whole Different Side Of Them

Who doesn’t adore golden retrievers and Labradors? Few can resist the sight of those shaggy, Twinkie-colored pups. They’re angel dog breeds practically born for suburbia and sitcom culture, and those yellow doggos often get into the goofiest shenanigans.

Well, the paws paparazzi caught these cuties in the act. While a multitude of these sweet golden mongrels were causing some trouble, we can’t help but love them for it. Get ready for your heart to melt — these goldies and labs prove there’s truly no pet like em!

1. This toddler and his tiny, furry friends somehow made a cramped laundry basket the perfect spot for nap time. The sight is so sweet, it’s practically giving us a cavity.


2. Where do you think these happy boys were going? Heaven perhaps? Whoever was driving behind this truck must’ve felt a jolt of happiness after witnessing this. We would’ve had to restrain ourselves from hopping out of the driver’s seat just to give each pooch a pet.

3. It looks like your boss wants to speak with you privately about something important. Don’t panic though; he just wants to reassure you that you’re a rock star… he would also like a few pets and several belly rubs.

lvl99slayer / Reddit

4. She’s been hailed Queen of All Goldens, and these furry guys are her loyal followers. Just look at these majestic boys; they pamper her with wet kisses and all the nuzzles.

theicebitchcometh / Imgur

5. Look at these sweet sibling faces. They’re so darn adorable that we just want to squeeze them as tightly as possible, in a safe way of course. Cute aggression is taking over us! They’re so precious, we could scream!


6. Um, what’s going on here? These two pups tried playing Tetris with their bodies and appear to be stuck, though they seem completely unbothered! Will someone please break these two cuties up?

Golden Retriever World / Tumblr

7. This sweetie came to rescue you from your debilitating snow prison. She wanted to make sure her beloved master was still breathing. We wouldn’t be able to stop ourselves from booping that adorable, wet nose.

dannyhelf / Reddit

8. Oh, to be a girl paralyzed by clumsy golden retriever puppies. How in the heck is she supposed to choose just one puppy? If we were her, we’d be adopting all nine of them. So much fluff.

anthonydbaldwin / Reddit

9. Hmm, it’s pretty difficult to concentrate on the game with this goofy face staring at you. He just wants one fry… or two… or ten. Wait, what’s the score again?

legitbean / Reddit

10. Nope, this doggo didn’t dip his face in a puddle of sludge. His black face birthmark is just as iconic as Marilyn Monroe’s signature mole! It suits him so well.

HopeSandoval / Reddit

11. This golden angel is having an identity crisis; he thinks he’s a cat. Silly pup, everyone knows that only cats can take the shape of any container! You’re not looking too comfy, there.

jberk5071 / Reddit

12. This little pupperoni is so happy it’s the Fourth of July because the best way to celebrate Independence Day is with FOOD. She’s trying to charm you into giving her more peanut butter. Is it working?

tfro9 / Reddit

13. That walk really wore this Labrador pupper out. As soon as he saw a stream of cool, refreshing water, he leaped right in. He may be lying in mud and soggy leaves, but he sure does look comfortable.

dickfromaccounting / Reddit

14. Who doesn’t love an unlikely animal friendship? This good boy is perfectly content cuddling up to this feline fast boy. Friends come in all shapes and sizes… and they’re not always domesticated.

awwww! Cute! / Tumblr

15. This is a blessed image. These two cuddly goldens and their feline friend seem to be enjoying a lazy Sunday. It doesn’t look like they have plans of moving for quite a while.

@wat.ki / Instagram

16. The world is amazing! There are lots of humans! More doggos! Fresh air! If you couldn’t tell by this excited puppy’s elated face, it’s his first time going out in public. He’s a social butterfly in the making.

aaronr93 / Reddit

17. Believe it or not, this good girl wants you to have her favorite toy. She greets every guest who enters her home with a gift. Heck, if she can’t find anything else, she’ll bring you the shoe you just removed at the door. It’s the thought that counts!

Endur / Reddit

18. So you’re desperately trying to write your important dissertation, but a furry friend seems to be bored. We bet you can’t resist that face; he just wants to play! A five-minute break wouldn’t kill you.

realid / Tumblr

19. There seems to be a very prestigious golden retriever meeting going on. This peculiar huddle only gets more adorable when you realize what they’re enamored over. Spoiler: it’s a basket of kittens. We didn’t think “a basket of kittens” could ever truly exist. Cuteness overload!

Pi Mei Nan JiuReport

19. This hot dog has got a hot dog in his mouth! Buddy, we see you’ve got on a baseball cap and a bandana, but we still know that you are very clearly a canine. No people food for you! Okay, maybe just this one time.

YourWebcam / Reddit

Okay, we admit it: All dogs are great, and these candid canine snaps prove it. Dogs aren’t usually allowed inside of Disney parks, but the staff will make exceptions for service dogs. It’s a good thing they do, too, because it’s clear that meeting his canine hero is all this one pup ever wanted!

2. Everybody has a favorite treat, and they’ll do anything once that familiar craving strikes. For dogs, that favorite food is, well… every single food there is. For this pup, however, it’s all about hot dogs!

3. This wiener dog doesn’t actually have the ability to take flight and soar through the air, but looking at this photograph you’d never know it! Good job, Super Pup! You’re keeping our parks free of errant tennis balls.

4. Ever wonder what dogs dream about? Looking at this sleeping puppy’s face, it’s clear that whatever is going on inside of his head is absolutely adorable. Check out that precious grin. He’s probably chasing little squirrels!

5. Unicorns might be fictional creatures, but take heart that magic still exists—you just have to know where to look for it! Behold: in deepest suburbia, seated upon the sacred wicker chair, we present the unipug!

6. How do you make a sweet-faced chocolate Labrador mix even more adorable than she already is? Why, place a beautifully prepared flower crown upon her little head, of course! Spring is in the air!

7. “Your lipstick? You mean that delicious-looking red stuff that comes in tube? The same stuff that smells like strawberries but tastes like wax, not that I would know? Nope, I have no idea where it went. Sorry!”

8. As if this photograph of a doggo enjoying some time inside of an empty bathtub wasn’t cute enough, wait until you hear why she’s there. It turns out she just gave birth to a litter of puppies—and she’s hiding from them in order to catch a couple of winks!

9. We’ve all been there. We know that we should get outside, enjoy the sun, and get some exercise. We know that it will make us feel better to chase around a ball or bark at the mailman. But, sometimes, we just want to take it easy in the grass!

10. They say that fences make the best neighbors, but these two dogs couldn’t disagree more. They might not share the same back yard, but that doesn’t keep them from expressing their affection for one another in the sweetest way!

11. There’s “content,” there’s “happy,” there’s “totally ecstatic,” and then there is… whatever plane of existence this dog has been transported to! Whatever has this dog on cloud nine, we will take eight more of it.

12. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, or at least, that’s what this very poetic bulldog must be thinking! This breed is known for being stubborn, slow-moving, and very loyal. But who knew these pups also had such a penchant for botany (and prose)?

13. It’s impossible not to be pleased with yourself when you’ve managed to tame your mane into something eye-catching, but this pooch—and his expression—has to take the cake. His “floof” is perfect, and he knows it!

14. These two take “cute” to a whole new dimension! They’re fluffy, bright-eyed, and just check out those goofy grins. You can tell that nothing makes them happier than spending time together.

15. For a long time, this poor little guy wasn’t able to run around and play like other dogs. But then his owners found a way to help him move more freely. Now, there’s nothing stopping him!

16. What’s even better than an adorable dog to hang out with? An adorable dog who can also iron your clothes! This guy certainly seems to be making strides. Somebody might want to explain that he’s got to plug it in first, though.

17. Not only is this pooch an expert when it comes to balancing things on her head, but she’s also managing to resist the urge to eat up all that tasty watermelon! At least, not before her owner snaps this photo…

18. Many dogs are known for their sense of duty and for being family-friendly pets. They’re especially great with babies—and that sentiment applies to baby sheep, too! This pooch is one great babysitter.

19. Sometimes, when you’re having a particularly bad day, you just have to grin and bear it. Sure, this dog might not actually have a lot of stress in his life—he’s a dog, after all!—but he’s definitely taking that advice to heart.

20. Cheetahs in captivity are known to suffer from anxiety, so they’ll often be paired with their own service dogs—and they’ll play with each other as if they’re siblings. Who says that cats and dogs can’t ever get along?

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