Pink Dog And Her Friend Are Abandoned At A Shelter With The Same Weird Condition

There may be nearly infinite combinations of sizes and shapes for dog breeds, but when it comes to coloring, they usually they only vary slightly. The only time that really changes is when it comes to children’s story books or cartoons (we’re looking at you, Clifford)!

But what if you spotted a dog in real life that was, say… pink? Because that’s what rescue workers were faced with when they found what looked like a pink dog had been anonymously placed in their nighttime drop-off area.

Just wait until you see this pup up close. You won’t believe your eyes!

When you think of a dog, chances are you probably imagine a furry, drooling, happy-go-lucky pup who’s brown, black, white, or a combination of the three. Outside of fictional dogs like Blue from Blue’s Clues or Clifford the Big Red Dog, there really isn’t much variation in their coloring.


But what if you found a dog in real life that was, say… pink? That’s exactly what rescue workers were dealing with when someone had anonymously placed two pooches—including one who was bright pink—in the nighttime drop-off area.


Pictured below is 10-month-old Asia (left) and her two-year-old friend, Artie. They were anonymously dropped off at Animal Friends of The Valleys rescue shelter in Wildomar, California, one night without any given information about them…

pink1Last Chance At Life Rescue / Instagram

Just looking at Asia’s pink skin and Artie’s sad eyes will tell you that these boxers were in need of some serious help. Both dogs actually had a rare condition that caused their skin to become discolored.

The condition is called demodex mange. It’s a common infestation of the skin caused by mites, and it can be treated fairly easily. Unfortunately, these two had been badly neglected, and their ailments didn’t end there.

pinky2Last Chance At Life Rescue

Asia also suffered from a heart murmur while Artie needed eye surgery. Luckily, the veterinarians were able to provide them with some much-needed care. After receiving medicated shampoo and pain management, the two pups really opened up! They even scored spots at Last Chance At Life, an organization that helps find homes for rescue animals.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 12.30.41 PMPeople Magazine /

Lisa Hamilton, the founder of Last Chance At Life, said that many families had already shown interest in adopting them! Evidently, they had fallen in love with the two adorable pups right away—and can you blame them?

“I assure you they were both unsettled with being dumped but they know very quickly that the staff at Animal Friends of the Valleys and the volunteers here at LCAL are their ‘friends’ and here to help them,” Lisa said in an interview.

pink3Last Chance At Life Rescue

Not long after the staff at Animal Friends of the Valleys placed the two dogs up for adoption, they were hearing from people all over the world who wanted to offer them loving forever homes.

Then, after only a few short days of being listed for adoption, the sweet pups were finally matched to a family in California! Both Asia and Artie’s conditions had drastically improved, too, and now they’d have a chance to enjoy their lives with a family who cared for them!

Thankfully, these two pups didn’t have to suffer any more and they found a place to call home! It just goes to show you not to judge a book by its cover—or a puppy by its color!

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