Affectionate Pit Bull Is Breaking Every Stereotype About The Breed

It’s no secret that pit bulls get an unfair rap in the media. They’re commonly portrayed as vicious, unpredictable, and dangerous. It’s safe to say that no other breed has ever endured so much scrutiny.

A family in Russia is working to prove that the media’s portrayal of pit bulls is inaccurate. Not only is their pit bull, Akamaru, one of the sweetest dogs on the planet, he also happens to be one of the cuddliest! Just watch what he does with the family’s baby…

Pit bulls are regularly portrayed as vicious dogs by the media. This only perpetuates the fears that everyday people have of this breed, and other big dogs. One family is doing everything they can to change that.


This Russian family’s 2-year-old pit bull Akamaru is shattering every prejudice against the breed. Not only is Akamaru friendly, but he loves to cuddle. His favorite snuggle buddy? The family baby!


Akamaru’s owner, Justin Acuff, is sharing the photos of his dog to help people understand that pitties are not born with a killer instinct, but trained to be that way by careless people.


Justin’s family doesn’t worry that Akamaru will harm their baby because they trained him and socialized him well.


People who use pit bulls in dog fights have trained them to be aggressive. The breed naturally has a large jaw and mouth, which appeals to dog fighters. Sadly, the breed has been used for this purpose for so long, that the general belief is that they are somehow born more dangerous than other dogs. 


The undisputed truth is that pit bulls are trained by dog fighters to be vicious. Because they make headlines when they attack someone, people have begun to believe that they are innately violent. The amount of media coverage pit bulls receive when there is an attack has reinforced a negative and false perception of them.


Luckily, people like Justin are working to end this bad reputation.


 With the right love and care from their humans, pit bulls are just as capable of love and gentleness as any dog.


Hearing something positive about pit bulls is certainly refreshing. They can be great companions; they just need us to help clear their reputation!

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