Pit Bull Who’s Obsessed With Kittens Gets The Best New Responsibility

Dogs tend to be obsessed with all kinds of things: balls, frisbees, being outside, being inside, pools, anything meaty and juicy. Really, the list goes on and on.

One pit bull in particular, Ozzy, has an incredibly odd affinity for something most would never expect. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of what dogs are supposed to like!

Once you see what Ozzy obsesses over, your mind will kick into cuteness overload!

If you were to put together a list of things dogs are obsessed with, it would be very, very long. Car rides, long walks, short walks, frisbees, their owners, not their owners… the list could go on forever. But, there’s one adorable pit bull, Ozzy, who’s known to have the strangest—and most adorable—obsession ever!

 Three years ago, Ozzy was adopted by the Lajeniss family of California. He was a great dog from the very beginning and loved the attention of his family members. Though he adored everyone he met, Ozzy was especially attached to the Lajeniss’s youngest son.

Even though Ozzy was so caring, there was one member of the family he just couldn’t seem to win over: the family cat, Norm. Though his affection was constantly rebuffed, Ozzy was obsessed with his furry companion, and about a month ago, the canine was given the greatest gift ever…

It was an entire litter of kittens to care for! In June of 2017, the Lajeniss family adopted a cat named Winnie who had been living on the street near the family’s home. Shortly after they took her in, she gave birth to five kittens, and Ozzy fell in love with them immediately.

Suddenly, Ozzy didn’t need to worry about Norm liking him or not. Soon enough, he was treating the kittens as if they were his own. He was attentive to their crying, and any time one of them seemed to be struggling, he showed up and tried to help in any way he can. He was the greatest uncle the kittens could have hoped for!

Ozzy treated all the tiny cats to baths on a daily basis, which they loved. They crawled all over him when he would lie down, and he knew how to respond to their playful antics in a gentle way so he didn’t accidentally hurt them.

The best part was that Winnie took a liking to Ozzy as well. The Lajeniss family was simply relieved the mother feline allowed Ozzy to spend as much time with the kittens as he wanted.

Although Ozzy has a clear love affair with fur balls, the Lajeniss family doesn’t intend on keeping them all; they had enough animals to care for as it was. So the family decided to put four of the kittens up for adoption once they were old enough.

Thankfully, the family planned to keep Winnie and one of the kittens, whom they’ve nicknamed Troublemaker. Ozzy might be sad to see the rest of his play pals leave, but he’ll still have Winnie and Troublemaker to snuggle with all day. The question remains, though: can he ever win over Norm?

How precious is that? Ozzy was just so full of love that he didn’t care his new friends were cats; he just wanted someone to play with! Watch the adorable video below of Ozzy and the kittens. Be warned: it might be the cutest thing you see all day…

(Video may take a moment to load)

Who would have thought that a grown pit bull would be so enamored with kittens? Maybe Norm will finally realize Ozzy has nothing but love to give!

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