Abandoned Puppy Rescued From Criminal’s House Gets A New Chance With An Unlikely Family

The ultimate goal for rescued dogs is to find a loving forever home. While their health and safety always comes first, they should ultimately have a pleasant—and permanent—place to live. Being the domesticated animals they are, most dogs want nothing more than to be a loyal member of a loving family.

Yet some of these dogs find companionship in very unusual situations. This was certainly the case with a pit bull puppy named Ashley. She had to be rescued from a rough place, but where she ended up was even more surprising!

Erica Mahnken (far left), along with her fiancé, Michael Favor (far right), are the co-founders of the No More Pain Rescue in Staten Island, New York. Together, they're committed to helping the animals in their community.
When Erica heard about a dog who'd been found in a local crack house in January 2017, she instinctively felt that the responsibility fell on her and her team to find a way to help the poor animal.
Erica and Michael were used to re-homing pups in desperate need of love—like Benji, pictured here—but this new dog was clearly going to require some special assistance.
The pit bull puppy was in especially awful shape. She'd suffered injuries from several cigarette burns; she was also seriously malnourished and she was living in horrible conditions...