This Cat Was Going To Be Put To Sleep But The Hospital Had Other Plans

People always say that cats are selfish and cold. But anyone who has ever had a cat knows that this stereotype is not accurate at all. Cats can be just as affectionate and loving as dogs, and if you don’t believe it, take a look at the story of a Polish cat named Ramadenes.

When Ramadenes showed up at an animal clinic with a severe respiratory infection, rescuers didn’t think he was going to survive. They made plans to end his life quickly and peacefully, but they didn’t know that this little cat had something else planned…

Ramadenes arrived at the animal hospital as a tiny kitten with a huge problem. The poor little kitten who should have had years of life ahead of him was fading fast. The illness plaguing him looked to be winning. 


Due to the severity of the infection, hospital employees initially thought they would have to put him down. He was living in too much pain and discomfort, and they didn’t want to watch him suffer day after day.


However, under the care of the hospital workers, Ramadenes slowly started to pull through. He got better with each day that passed, and he miraculously made a full recovery! He even decided to make the hospital his new home.


The doctors and nurses all welcomed Ramadenes into their office with open arms. He made an incredible recovery against all odds, and he certainly earned his place among the rest of the employees. 


Ramadenes then started to help nurse the clinic’s other patients back to health, especially those who had to undergo complicated procedures. For as long as the procedures took, he would lie with the patients.


No matter how big or small the other animals were, Ramadenes would always show up to offer his support. Just his presence seemed to help keep many of the animals far calmer than they normally would have been.


Ramadenes has even been known to lead group sessions every so often! There’s no telling how many animals will need surgery during their stays at the hospital, and sometimes several of them are operated on at the same time.


One of the reasons the workers believe Ramadenes was so good at his job is that he knew what it was like to knock on death’s door and return safely. He was able to bring that positive energy to other animals as well.


The staff at the clinic started referring to Ramadenes as their “nurse,” and he wore the title perfectly. Ever since he came into the lives of the employees, they admitted the work environment overall had improved. 


And what animal hospital is complete without an official mascot? As soon as Ramadenes made his recovery he became the face that represented the building, and he deserved all the attention it brought.

Just look at how Ramadenes would actually cradle other animals and give them a sense of protection. For whatever reason, he had no fear, and as soon as he saw the doctors bring out their next patient, he leapt to its side.


This feline truly broke the stereotype that cats tend to be cold towards humans and other animals. Sure, some of them can be, but that goes with any species. Ramadenes stands out as one of the most generous animals around!

Ramadenes absolutely loved his job comforting the other animals at the hospital. Even if the patient was a dog many times this size, he’d make himself right at home and cuddle up —  the warmth was always appreciated.


There are cats all over the world like Ramadenes who are more than happy to connect with their fellow man. Cats like Marimo, for example, would make the Polish feline proud…


Meet Marimo the kitten and Fuku the owl, residents of the Hukulou Coffee Shop in Osaka, Japan. While they should be enemies they’ve forged an incredible bond. 

In the wild, owls and cats aren’t exactly known for getting along. However, these two seemed to be cut from the same cloth. Just look at the way they posed next to each other! They could be twins.

Some cats need time to adjust to new friends, but that wasn’t the case with Marimo. In just a matter of minutes, he was already glued to Fuku’s side—and the little owl didn’t seem to mind at all.

They learned from each other early on that they had nothing to fear. They weren’t afraid to get up close and cuddle; it was almost as if they realized that the other meant them no harm at all!

The staff at the cafe couldn’t believe their eyes when Marimo and Fuku started snuggling with each other! It was like they were long-lost siblings who had finally been reunited.

Can you imagine being wrapped up in an embrace like these two cuties? It was clear that Marimo and Fuku loved to snuggle from the very beginning of their friendship.

Ever since the two met, they have become completely inseparable. Even when they weren’t cuddling one another, they were often spotted sitting side by side and just taking in the sights around them!

Before Marimo showed up, Fuku had some other owl buddies. But he never had a best friend in his own species, let alone one of the feline variety. Meeting Marimo turned him into an entirely new owl!

Based on these pictures alone, it’s safe to say that the feeling was mutual. Have you ever seen a kitten with so much love to give? It’s like Marimo knew how much Fuku needed a true friend.

In fact, these two became so close to each other—literally—that when they curled up for a cuddle, it was actually be pretty difficult to tell where one of them ended and the other began! They were just a cute little ball of fur and feathers.

It was all in a day’s lounge! You’d think these two would get bored being in the same place all day, but as long as they were together, it was like they’d never run out of new ways to have fun.

Sometimes Fuku could be a little grumpy in the morning, while Marimo was pretty much the ultimate early bird. Still, Marimo knew how to give Fuku a little space in the early hours; he was a night owl, after all!

Fuku obviously couldn’t drink coffee to wake him up, but Marimo knew that once his owl buddy was up and at ’em, they’d go on their adventures once more. The kitty seemed perfectly content to wait for his friend to perk up!

It became clear that wherever these two went, they would always have each other. The bond that they shared was absolutely undeniable—and truly unique. Have you ever heard of an owl and a cat getting along so well like these two?

While other animals at the cafe have found forever homes, the owners of the cafe made it clear that these two weren’t going anywhere unless they were going there together.

These little guys made for the ultimate package deal. Whoever decided to adopt this dynamic duo would be providing a home for two very special fluff balls. They were incredibly well-behaved, so what was there to lose?

Why settle for adopting just one pet when you can have two who are so adorable and over the moon for one another? Cuddling was probably one of their favorite activities to do with each other.

Even as the two grew older, they continued to share their extra special bond. If you saw Marimo lounging on a sofa, it was a safe bet that Fuku was nearby keeping watch over his tiny bestie.

Meanwhile, living in the cafe was a real treat for them both, and it meant that they got the chance to enjoy desserts for special occasions. Just look at their super-festive holiday celebration!

It’s safe to say that Fuku the owl and Marimo the cat would be best friends forever… even if that meant hanging out in strange places like the bathroom sink. Hooray for these two cuties!

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