Cop Who Follows His Dog Into The Woods Finds The Last Thing He Ever Wanted To See

Police officer and their canine companions are trained to be ready for anything. From sniffing out illegal substances to chasing after criminals, they can encounter anything in the field and they are expected to be ready to handle it with ease.

One South African cop got the surprise of a lifetime when he was training with his dog while off-duty. One minute, he was calmly waiting for his K9 partner to complete an exercise.

The next? Well, something completely unexpected—and hilarious—happened…

Police dogs play an essential role in the day-to-day operations of a police force. They are fully trained members of the team, and officers treat them the same way they do each other: with the utmost respect. But one South African police officer’s dog gave him quite the startling surprise during a routine training exercise.

It was early in the morning, and a small group of South African police officers ventured into a large grassy field to help train one of their canine companions. The dog was new to the force, and they needed to start introducing him to his training exercises.

The officers stashed specific items in the grassy field, and the goals of this particular exercise was to let the dog locate the hidden objects. It was a simple exercise that all police dogs needed to go through during their training period. Or so they thought…

As soon as the dog stepped foot onto the field, his blood was surging with adrenaline. He was ready to take on whatever challenge the officers had for him, and he was going to do it with enthusiasm and pride.

As soon as the lead officer unclipped the dog’s leash, the canine went bounding into the field as quickly as he could. Within seconds, he was already fast at work, trying to sniff out whatever he could for his fellow officers. 

The dog was burying his nose in every place he could, running back and forth between the trees and shrubs. The officers could tell he was anxious to find the objects they hid in the tall grass, but could he pull it off?

Suddenly, the canine appeared to be transfixed on something. He was staring into a small patch of grass and wouldn’t move. The lead officer in the exercise decided to find out what had caused their new recruit to become so distracted.

The officer quickly marched towards the dog, hoping his sudden movements would bring the animal’s focus back to the exercise. As the officer approached, he noticed that the dog clearly had something in his mouth.

The policeman wasn’t sure if the dog had found one of the intended items or if he stumbled across something that wasn’t even supposed to be part of the exercise. Then, when he finally reached the dog, he knew right away. Startled, he took one look in the pup’s mouth and started to run…

Much to the delight of his colleagues, the officer absolutely flipped out after he approached the dog. What exactly did the canine come across that had the officer so shocked? Watch the hilarious video below to find out. You’d probably run away too if this happened to you…

This officer’s dog is braver than he is! He might be destined for greatness after all, don’t you think?

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