Cop Runs Into A Pair Of Loose Pit Bulls And Handles The Situation Perfectly

When two angry pit bulls broke loose in Oklahoma, the El Reno police feared they would have to resort to extreme force to get the situation under control. Animal control emergencies like these posed unique challenges. After all, you can’t communicate or reason with dogs

Luckily, the El Reno force had one man who was perfect for the job. Drawing upon skills learned from a storied career, he kept his cool and addressed the situation in a highly creative way — and he’s not the only hero with an out-of-the-box animal solution, either…

When Oklahoma police officer Storm Barrett encountered two angry pit bulls loose in a busy area, he understood he had to act quickly if he wanted to contain the situation.

four_col_pitbullRadio New Zealand

The negligent dog owner somehow let his canines off of his property, and he was nowhere to be seen. Even worse, the pit bulls were running rampant near a school.

Officer Storm was worried the dogs would go after students once school let out, so he realized the safest option was to keep the pit bulls distracted and as far away from the school as possible.

As luck would have it, Storm was a dog handler himself. He knew from experience how to communicate with canines and grab their attentions, so he came up with an ingenious way to draw the dogs toward him.

Rather than using force to incapacitate the pits, Officer Barrett hopped on the hood of his cruiser, pulling up a scared bystander with him. Then, he brandished his trusty baton — but not for violent purposes.

Officer Barrett whipped out his police baton and waved it toward them to hold their focus while he radioed to animal control. Ten minutes later, the dogs were captured. Incredibly, the whole situation went down without the dogs being harmed in any way!

The only party in the incident who suffered at all was the owner. Storm and his fellow officers slapped him with a citation for letting his vicious dogs get loose.

His quick thinking is similar to that of another officer who came face to face with violent dogs. In 2017, Idaho policeman David Gomez responded to a call about two angry dogs on the loose in a residential neighborhood.

YouTube / Dum Spiro Spero

When he arrived on the scene, he calmly instructed families to stay inside while he approached the dogs. With animal control still miles away, Gomez had to handle the situation on his own.

Then, waving his baton to keep the dogs focused on him, he directed the rowdy pair toward his police car and managed to coax them into the back seat of the cruiser.

pit-4Dum Spiro Spero / Youtube

Then, he just shut the door and waited for animal control to come. Officer Gomez, too, managed to take care of a tricky animal situation without getting anywhere close to using his weapon!


Of course, most pit bulls aren’t dangerous — they’re just like any other dog. A select few of them have even gone to unbelievable lengths to keep their owners safe in the face of incredible danger.

Just ask Nana Chaichanhda of Stockton, California. She lived with her two young children and their pit bull puppy Sasha. Without their dog, this family would have fallen victim to a freak disaster.

YouTube / KCRA

Nana left Sasha outside one night, but she awoke due to the dog’s frantic scratching and barking at the door. Nana opened it, and Sasha sprinted inside. What was all the commotion for?

YouTube / Liz Sutton

It was then that Nana realized that her building was on fire. She had no idea where it started or what caused it, but she knew her family had to get out fast. Fortunately, Sasha was already on the case!

The pit bull grabbed Nana’s 7-month-old daughter and gently but quickly pulled her right out of the burning building. Nana followed closely behind with her other daughter.

The whole Chaichanhda family was able to make it out of their apartment before the fire spread across the building. Without Sasha’s timely warning, there was very little chance they would have known about the danger before it was too late!

Flickr / The Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association

Nana knew there was no better pet than Sasha for her and her daughters. She explained, “[The rescue] meant a lot. I owe her everything.” And she literally did!

On a broader scale, Nana hopes that Sasha’s heroics will convince more people that pit bulls can be friendly and capable of great compassion. It’s certainly hard to argue with that in this case!

Still hungry for some tense pit bull moments? You can watch the body camera footage from Officer Gomez’s tense encounter with the dogs below.

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