Two Puppies Fell Into A Cobra’s Lair And The Outcome Defies All Logic

Whenever someone is in trouble, it’s their natural instinct to find help as fast as possible. Humans are lucky because they can use language to explain to others what they need or how to go about assisting them, whereas animals need to rely on other communication skills to alert us when problems arise.

But, just because they have to rely on ways other than speech doesn’t mean they’re any less capable of getting our attention to fix a problem. That’s exactly what one man in India realized when he saw a dog barking wildly near a well.

He knew something must be wrong, as the dog circled the well over and over, and when he was finally convinced that he should check out the situation, he found something more disturbing than he could have ever imagined…

When two different animal species interact with each other, it’s almost impossible to predict what will happen. You’d like to think that they’d be civil, but you can’t know for sure. One man from India had quite the startling experience when he came across two animals trapped in a well who definitely didn’t belong together.

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