3-Week-Old Puppy Is Rescued From A Burning Home, And What The Firemen Do With Him Is Unreal

When Jake the puppy’s home caught fire just three weeks into his young life, it looked like it might be the end for him. His family was able to escape, but in the mayhem, Jake became trapped. Even as he tried to flee, the ceiling collapsed, leaving him helpless in the blaze.

Suddenly, a neighbor and off-duty firefighter, Bill Lindler, heard Jake’s family screaming about a puppy trapped inside their home. With no time to spare, Bill grabbed some of his gear and got to work.

Jake the puppy was saved from a fire just in the nick of time. A neighbor and off-duty firefighter named Bill Lindler was able to heroically save him, but not before some damage was done.


Jake had sustained burns on 75% of his body, including the pads of his feet.


His owners eventually had to give Jake up to the vets because they couldn’t afford the bills. Luckily, he had someone else watching out for him.


“I contacted the vet and the vet informed me that […] the family had abandoned him at the office. That’s when me and my family decided we would adopt him,” said Bill, the very firefighters who saved Jake!


With the love of his new family, Jake was on the road to recovery.


But it wasn’t going to be easy.


The city of Hanahan, South Carolina, had an idea on how to help the sweet pup.


They decided that Jake could help others by becoming the newest member of the fire department!


Jake now goes with Bill to schools all over the city to teach kids about fire safety.


What a cute little firefighter.


“I would honestly like to get him certified to be a therapy dog for burned children.”


Recently, Jake switched lanes a bit. Now he’s being trained as an arson detection dog.


It looks like he’s ready for the job!


It was no easy feat for Bill to rush into that burning house, but now it looks like he got a new friend and coworker out of the deal. What a cute little firefighter!

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