Puppy Uses Genius Method To Help His Deaf And Blind Sister

Rural Louisiana wasn't the greatest place for a litter of puppies to be. Not because there was a lack of loving homes, but because in such an isolated area an abandoned litter of 8 tiny white puppies and their exhausted mother could be stranded for days. And as the shelter would soon discover, one little pup in the litter was in no condition to survive on her own.

Their journey begins!

No one knew how long this particular canine family had been abandoned, just that the pups were around 3 months old when they were finally rescued by a good samaritan. That stranger happily took in the mother, but the puppies were a different story. Their journey was just getting started.

Two puppies stood out

The 8 siblings and 31 other puppies journeyed 1,900 miles to Helen Woodward Animal Shelter in Santa Fe, California. After such a long trip, which must have been scary for the young pups, unaccustomed as they were to any form of travel, the puppies were finally able to stretch their legs at the shelter — two of them in particular.

Typical pups...

“You wouldn’t know it right away when you see them playing, they are typical pups,” said a staff member at Helen Woodward Animal Center. It’s true that two of the little white pups seemed normal from a distance. One of them, however, stood out. She had experienced a much different journey to California than the others.

Deaf and blind

As nervous as the other pups had been on the long trip, imagine how much scarier it would’ve been if you couldn’t see or hear anything that was going on. The staff members examined the little puppy and realized that this was her reality: she was deaf and partially blind.