Stubborn Puppy Has A Message For Mom After She Says He Can’t Ride In Her Lap

It’s pretty common for young children to whine when things don’t go their way. It’s annoying, sure, and you don’t want to encourage it, but when you’re under a certain age, it’s about the only thing you feel like you can do.

Apparently, it works the same way for puppies. Even adult dogs don’t have the ability to formulate an argument, but puppies are too young to understand that they can’t have everything that they want.

That was the case with this particular puppy. When his foster mom didn’t let him sit on her lap while she was driving (most likely for safety reasons), he couldn’t help but complain in the cutest way!

Little Napoleon the rescue puppy wanted nothing more than to sit on his foster mother’s lap in the car.


Of course, the reason why she made him sit in the passenger seat made perfect sense: it would’ve been unsafe for him to sit with her while she was driving.


Yet this little guy didn’t know that, so he put on his best sad face and threw the most hilarious temper tantrum…

Hopefully, Napoleon was able to cuddle with his mom once they finally got home. You can’t stay mad at something so precious for too long!

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