Meet Camilla's First Husband, Whom She Left To Be With Charles

Royal social circles are pretty small. For proof of that we just have to look at the romantic history of Queen Camilla. Before her infamous love triangle with Charles and Diana, she was married to someone else with connections to the royal family — and this relationship wasn’t smooth sailing either. You may recognize her former husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, who was front and center at King Charles III’s coronation, but for years his relationship with Camilla was plagued infidelity and even rumors of a fling with another member of the royal family.

Andrew at the coronation

Despite the rumored problems in their relationship, Andrew still has ties to his ex, Camilla. He was even at the coronation ceremony that saw her and Charles crowned as monarchs. This might seem surprising at first — not everyone would want their ex-spouse at a big event involving their new family — but it actually makes a lot of sense. After all, the grandkids Andrew shares with Camilla were page boys during the proceedings along with Prince George.

An amicable break-up

Camilla and Andrew have been divorced since 1995, and both are remarried. It wasn’t until a decade later that Camilla finally became Charles’ wife — and future queen. Andrew, however, walked down the aisle again just a year after his divorce to Camilla had been made official. Still, the former couple have remained on amicable terms.

“Fiercely loyal to friends”

Camilla really wanted her ex-husband to attend the coronation, a friend of hers reported beforehand to British newspaper The Sunday Times. According to Lady Lansdowne, “She is fiercely loyal to friends, and that will be reflected in who goes to the big day. She wants to be loyal to the people who’ve stood by her.”

Meeting an ex

Still, given Andrew’s history with the royal family, it might not have been a huge surprise if he hadn’t been invited to the coronation: his presence there would likely have involved a meeting with one of his ex-lovers. And that person happens to be one of the royal family’s most senior members.