10 Unlucky Raccoons Who Are Clearly Having The Worst Day Ever

Raccoons are typically known as the skilled thieves of the animal kingdom. If you leave any kind of food around your home, those sneaky burglars are bound to find a way to get to it. The fur on their faces even makes them look like masked bandits!

All of this criminal mastermind behavior doesn’t come without a price, however. Sometimes a raccoon’s curiosity will get him into some pretty sticky situations. Clearly, not every heist can go as planned!

Here are 10 hilarious photos of raccoons whose curious tendencies got the best of them…

1. Uh-oh, look at what happened to this poor guy! He must have smelled some food at the bottom of that tin can and dove headfirst in to claim his prize. Little did he know that his head was much too large. Whoops!

2. Imagine walking past a sewer grate and seeing this adorable little face staring out at you? Who knows if she initially thought she could squeeze through the small square opening, but she sure did learn her mistake quickly! Hopefully, someone helped her out.

3. A trash can is a raccoon’s best friend, but only if he’s able to actually get inside of it! This nosy fellow dove in face-first, and then realized that his waist was too wide! Maybe he should cut down on all that leftover fast food?

4. This raccoon is performing quite the acrobatic display in order to prevent herself from tumbling down that shingled roof. Hopefully she knows that she can’t stay in that position forever; she has to eventually let go at some point!

5. At first glance, it looks like this curious guy has managed to get his head stuck in a hub cap, but it’s actually a rounded metal sewer grate. He’s looking at the cameraman as if to say, “Don’t just stand there—help!”

6. Whoops! You’d think that the last place a raccoon would get stuck would be in their natural habitat: a tree! Sadly, this little one wasn’t as smooth as she thought she was. Hopefully, she has a few friends close by that can help yank her out.

7. This home burglar got caught red-handed! He thought he could be slick and sneak in through the open window. Only, he didn’t take the drawstring blinds into consideration when planning his escape route.

8. This goofball’s going to have a lot of explaining to do when he gets home. He’s slowly performing the raccoon walk of shame down the street. He let his excitement get the best of him, and now he’s just embarrassed. Ideally, animal control helped him out.

9. Hellooo down there! It’s anyone’s guess how this raccoon found her way to the very bottom of this ventilation shaft, but it’s going to take some intricate maneuvering to get her out. At least she looks cozy… kind of.

10. Someone must have partied a little too hard last night! He’d better hope that no one opens the window before he’s able to make his escape, or they’ll both be in for quite the startling surprise!

These pictures are just too much! Raccoons might be sneaky sometimes, but no one can deny that they’re incredibly amusing!

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