Dramatic Testimony Finally Reveals The Truth Behind Famous Racehorse’s Disappearance

It's always sad to come across a "lost animal" poster, as the missing pet is someone's beloved family member. But what if the animal wasn't lost at all, but kidnapped? When one of the world's most beloved racehorses went missing one night in 1983, animal lovers everywhere held their breath, hoping desperately for the animal's safe return. Almost 40 years later, though, questions still linger. Yet one man claims to have answers that prove this beloved horse's fate might have been darker than we ever could've imagined...

Plans for the stallion

On March 3, 1978, the breeders at the Sheshoon Stud in County Kildare, Ireland, welcomed a bay foal named Shergar into the world. The young stallion could've spent his life in relative comfort as a stud, but his owner had very different plans for him.

A horse fit for a prince

You see, Shergar's owner wasn't just some ordinary breeder: it was Prince Shah Karim Al Husayni, Aga Khan IV, the current Imam of Nizari Ismailism. Aga Khan wasn't interested in using Shergar for breeding — he wanted a racehorse.

Shargar had golden genes

A Thoroughbred born of a champion sire and pedigreed dam, Shergar had immense potential, and Aga Khan was eager to turn the foal into a prize-winning racehorse. And so, along with the rest of the yearlings, Shergar was brought to England to begin his training.

He blossomed on the track

Under renowned trainer Michael Stoute, Shergar blossomed into an impressive talent, captivating all who watched him on the track. Even his jockey, Walter Swinburn, was amazed at how quickly the stallion came into his own.