Rescue Dog Forms A Very Special Bond With Her Adopted Family’s New Baby Boy

Many people are hesitant to adopt rescue dogs and cats because they worry that the animals’ traumatic experiences may make them less gentle and loving as pets. However, in the right home, all rescued animals can make excellent companions.

For proof, look no further than rescued English pointer Nora. When she was adopted by the Spence family, she was withdrawn due to past abuse, but she was about to come out of her shell in the most remarkable way…

English pointer Nora was traumatized by her original abusive owners. Even after she was rescued, she remained timid and withdrawn around most people.

nora-1Instagram / wellettas

However, after the Spence family adopted her, Elizabeth Spence began to notice that Nora was always comfortable and relaxed around her young son Archie.

nora-2Instagram / wellettas

The first time Elizabeth caught Nora snuggled up next her napping son, she immediately got out her camera to capture the heartwarming scene!

nora-3Instagram / wellettas

Over time Nora and Archie’s special bond has grown and grown…

nora-4Instagram / wellettas

…and Elizabeth has snapped plenty of adorable photos of the two of them snoozing together!

nora-5Instagram / wellettas

The Spence family has two other rescue dogs besides Nora, as well as three cats. Sometimes the other pets like to get in on nap time too!

nora-6Instagram / wellettas

Elizabeth feels that Archie’s bond with Nora remains the strongest out of all the pets. He’s always as comfortable with her as she is with him!

nora-7Instagram / wellettas

Elizabeth hopes that by sharing her photos of Nora and Archie, people will realize that even shelter dogs with troubled pasts can make great family pets.

nora-8Instagram / wellettas

Isn’t this friendship the cutest?


How sweet! Nora and Archie’s special bond proves beyond a doubt that rescue animals make wonderful, loving pets just like any others!

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