Dog And Cheetah Become Best Friends After Seeing Each Other Through Glass As Babies

We all go through low points in our lives. Whether we’re dealing with stress at work or a health issue, sometimes the only thing that can help keep us going forward is a really supportive friend. That’s as true for animals as it is for humans.

What happened to this cheetah early in life was too heartbreaking for most humans to even imagine. Yet he was about to meet an unexpected friend that would soon change his life!

Cheetah litters are usually made up of around three to five cubs. If a mother gives birth to just one, she’ll often abandon it, as these cubs have a low chance of survival.

1-dog-and-cheetahYouTube / San Diego Zoo Safari Park

That’s exactly what happened when a lone cheetah cub, Ruuxa, was born in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The zoo staff quickly set out to find him a companion.

2-dog-and-cheetahYouTube / San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Luckily, they found that friend in 8-week-old Rhodesian ridgeback puppy, Raina. Ruuxa and Raina have been inseparable since day one. Raina was even by Ruuxa’s side when he needed surgery for chondrodysplasia, a growth abnormality that caused his legs to bow inward and prevented him from running properly.

3-dog-and-cheetahYouTube / San Diego Zoo Safari Park

With Raina’s help, Ruuxa has completely healed. The zoo plans to keep these “siblings” together for the rest of their lives. New places make the cheetah nervous, but he’s able to stay calm thanks to Raina.

4-dog-and-cheetahYouTube / San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Watch this video to see Ruuxa and Raina play together!

Ruuxa’s name means “Spirit” in Somali, and he sure shows it—especially with his big sis, Raina, around. They proves that friendship knows no bounds, even when it comes to animals. It’s so exciting to watch these young buddies grow up together!

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