Brothers Alleged That They Traveled To The Year 2749 And Made Eerie Predictions

Ever wanted to travel through time? Most of us can only dream about jumping back to the past or into the future. But for two military brothers, their supposed trip to the year 2749 was very real. And it was nothing like the movies would have you believe. Instead, it was a total nightmare.

Time-traveling bros

During World War II, brothers Duncan Cameron and Al Bielek were reportedly selected for a top-secret government study aboard the USS Eldridge. And while you'd expect the whole thing to be shadowy, the pair couldn't have predicted the mind-bending nature of the study.

Shady military experiments

Bielek was silent for years about his experience on the Eldridge, but when he was 60 years old he came forward with a shocking claim. The U.S. Navy was developing a device that would make ships invisible to radar. And this had been going on for decades — or so Bielek said, anyway.

The Philadelphia Experiment

This sounds far-fetched enough, but Bielek's next claim made the idea of an "invisible ship" sound plausible in comparison. It all started, he said, when he watched the science fiction movie The Philadelphia Experiment. The events in that film were strikingly familiar to him.

Memories of the future

Then, soon after he watched the movie, Bielek began experiencing strange flashbacks. And he knew intuitively that these glimpses of another world weren't imaginary but very, very real. They weren't visions — they were memories of a distant future.