Parents Are Horrified When Their Adopted Doberman Grabs Their Daughter. But Then They Realize Why..

Catherine Svilicic was watching her 17-month-old daughter Charlotte play in the yard with their Doberman named Khan. The large dog was abused and abandoned by his previous owner, and the Svilicic family had just adopted him only four days earlier.

Even though the pup and the little girl seemed to get along, Khan was about to do something to their daughter that no one would soon forget...

While they were playing outside, the big Doberman became aggressive, pushing Charlotte around the yard. Suddenly, he grabbed the toddler by the diaper and threw her across the yard.
Charlotte's mother was horrified, but then she realized what had happened: Khan had seen a poisonous snake heading right for the little girl, and his seemingly violent action was actually an attempt to save her life.
This brave dog got Charlotte out of the way just in time: he was bitten by the snake moments later. Thankfully, the vet gave Khan an anti-venom shot, and he was able to recover.
If he hadn't stepped in, the venomous snake would have most likely struck baby Charlotte instead. Even though Khan had only been a part of his new family for four days, this hero pup still knew what he had to do, and he put his life on the line to protect his own.