People Found Their Pets In These Sticky Situations And Couldn't Stop Laughing

Let's face it: no matter how much of angel we think they are, most pets will find some way to cause mayhem as soon as we turn our backs. Most of the time, we only realize our mistake after the damage is done, though every so often, an unsuspecting owner catches their pet in the act and can't help but laugh along. You may think your pet is a pro at stirring up trouble, but these ridiculous animals take the phrase "sticky situation" to a hilarious new level.

1. Feeling Salty

For weeks, you've wondered who's been going through the pretzel stash so quickly. Then, one lucky day, you catch the culprit in the act, but they seem to need your assistance. It's time to bargain — a rescue in exchange for Fluffy staying out of the snack jar. Which will he choose? We have a feeling he'll be in there for a while.

2. Little Legs

People love a dog with short legs, but the inconvenient truth is that little legs come with big problems. Take a look at this poor little guy — he can't even leave his family's tent and explore the great outdoors thanks to his stubby legs. Then again, it might be for the best: the eagles always go after the smallest ones first!

3. Lending a Paw

Some people say that cats are just plain mean, but the truth is that they care for us in their own unique way. This cat just wanted to help her human out by watering the plants in the yard, though it looks like the hose had different plans.

4. Patience Is a Virtue

This little love was so eager to play outside she forgot to wait for her human to open the gate. Hopefully they can slip her out using a few sticks of butter — just make sure Fifi here doesn't lick it all off before they do!