Experts Digging At An Ancient Biblical City Found Evidence Of A Super-Advanced Secret Technology

Close to the site of the biblical city of Tel Be’er Sheva, a team of archaeologists sweat under the hot desert sun. As they dig, they hope to uncover the secrets of this ancient settlement in modern-day Israel and preserve them for many generations to come. But what they discover is something truly remarkable: relics from a top-secret technology that could have been among the very first of its kind.

For years, the team made up of specialists from various Israeli institutions has been excavating beneath Neveh Noy, a 1950s settlement in the south of the modern city, now known as Beersheba. But although the neighborhood itself is relatively modern, it stands on foundations far older. And in amongst these, the archaeologists have made some startling finds.

In a workshop dating back 6,500 years, the team discovered evidence of a technology that was once among the most advanced in the entire world. So advanced, in fact, that it would go on to transform human life on Earth. But at the time, it was a closely guarded secret, known only to a very select few.

So what was this ground-breaking new technology, so important that it was kept under wraps for generations? And why did it emerge here, when the Ghassulian culture was thriving in this part of the Middle East? Now, the archaeologists have released the results of their study, and the surprising truth has finally been revealed.

Amazingly, this discovery at Beersheba is believed to date back to the Chalcolithic period, an era which began about 6,500 years ago. But the first written mention of the city occurs in the Bible, where it is described as the home of the three patriarchs. According to Genesis, it is where some of the most pivotal events in the founding of Judaism took place.