Abandoned Puppy Approached An Animal Sanctuary Volunteer, And It Led Her To A Grim Discovery

Sometimes, chance meetings are the ones that make the biggest differences in our lives. Being in the right place at the right time can change your whole world…or someone else’s.

When one animal shelter volunteer happened upon a lost puppy, she had a feeling there was more to the situation. The chance encounter led to a grim discovery, but one that she was glad to have stumbled upon before it was too late…

When a woman in Colombia found an abandoned puppy while out feeding chickens, she took the little dog to her sister Juliana, founder of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary. Juliana urged her sister to look further, as there was a possibility there were more dogs where the puppy was found. When they returned to the spot, they made a grim discovery.

sack-puppiesFacebook / Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

The women found a sack full of puppies, presumably left to die in the field. There were three more pups in addition to the one who had escaped, and Juliana guessed their age to be about five weeks old.

sack-puppies-2Facebook / Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

Starving, dehydrated, and covered in fleas, the dogs were in serious trouble if they didn’t get immediate help.

sack-puppies-3Facebook / Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

Juliana and her sister fed the puppies, rushed them to the vet, and began them on the regular courses of flea and heartworm medications.

sack-puppies-4Facebook / Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

It’s most likely that people who live in the area were responsible for ditching the dogs under such inhumane conditions, but thankfully, Juliana and her sister were able to rescue them before it was too late.

sack-puppies-5Facebook / Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

Today, these little guys are happily thriving at Juliana’s sanctuary, ready to find their forever homes.

sack-puppies-6Facebook / Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

They still face obstacles, such as the sheer number of stray dogs up for adoption in Bogotá. Also, abandoned dogs need to learn to trust humans again, which is no easy task after suffering the way they have.

sack-puppies-7Facebook / Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

However, there is hope for the puppies’ future thanks to Juliana and her sister!

sack-puppies-8Facebook / Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary

If you’d like to learn more about these sweet puppies and how you can contribute to Juliana’s efforts, visit Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary here.

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