33 Pets Who Had No Idea They Were Going To The Vet Until Right This Moment

There is a certain level of trust that is inherent in any healthy human-animal relationship. For example, our dogs and cats trust that we’ll continue to feed and take care of them every day, which is a pretty reasonable expectation to have…

But anyone who has ever owned a pet knows the inevitable moment that trust is forever shattered: when you have to take them to the veterinarian’s office. In that instant, all the love and rapport you’ve taken years to build is irreparably damaged… or so they’d make you think with the looks they give you!

Here are 33 pictures of pets on their way to the vet’s office… and it’s easy to see they sure aren’t thrilled about it!

1. This adorable guy certainly looks like he knows his owner isn’t bringing him to the park to play fetch. After this trip, his owner might find it a near-impossible task to get him into the car ever again.

2. You can already see the numerous plots for revenge floating around the mind of this canine after he realized he was going to the dreaded veterinarian. “I can’t believe you’d stab me in the back like this,” he seems to say.

3. This little lady has sure seen better days. Her owner had better be prepared to buy her a nice expensive dinner after her vet visit. The only silver lining in this experience is that it seems to be a lovely day for a car ride.

4. “Hug me and never let go!” This poor guy was so frightened, he literally had to leap into his owner’s arms and give them a huge hug to calm his nerves. Hopefully he knows that he’s going to have to get down and face his fear at some point.

5. There are only so many places you can find to hide in a veterinarian’s office, and one thing’s for sure: the sink sure as heck isn’t one of them. You’re going to have to come out eventually, buddy. We all know where you’re hiding.


6. This dog has the right idea. He picked a spot to hide that could potentially work, but the problem is he doesn’t realize that he has to hide more than just his head for his trick to succeed. Hopefully he learns his lesson for next time.


7. “Is it safe yet? Can I finally relax?” This anxious pup is eagerly awaiting her turn to see the doctor, and even though she’s done it dozens of times before, it never gets any easier. If only you could explain to your animals that everything will turn out okay!

8. Does this sneaky lady really think she’s safe in the veterinarian’s sink? Unluckily for her, she’s no match for her human doctor. Even if her owner and vet have to tag-team the effort, she will be coming out of that sink.

9. Hopefully in a few minutes, this little guy won’t have such sad eyes. The doctor looks like she’s being gentle, but even so, it’s still a scary experience when you’re as tiny as him. As you can imagine, he’s probably not thrilled about having his picture taken at this exact moment.


10. This cat probably wishes he could take the sink home with him as a consolation gift for being so nervous, and why shouldn’t he? It fits him perfectly! If only the doctor could do his work in this particular corner, it would go much more smoothly.

11. Uh-oh, this crafty little guy just got busted! You have to give him credit for the effort though. He found a place that was tucked away in a dark corner and he went for it. He gets an A for the attempt but an F for his final execution.

12. The biggest mistake this doctor made was leaving the doors to this cabinet wide open for all of the nervous animals. With these two cats’ powers combined, they may just postpone their vet visit for quite some time.


13. How long do you think it will take this cat to realize she definitely won’t be fitting into this drawer? She just needs to admit defeat and let the veterinarian do her thing. The game’s over.

14. This adorable bundle of cuteness is too precious for words, and he looks like he’s trying so hard to be brave for the doctor’s visit. He’s going to need a lot of hugs and kisses after this, and his owner will be more than happy to supply them!

15. “For my next trick, I will make myself suddenly vanish, only to reappear on a conformable bed with a pile of catnip!” From the looks of it, this little feline Houdini made his magic trick a reality. Can you spot where he’s hiding?


16. This lovely pup looks like she really does not know what to do with herself. Does that thousand-yard stare indicate anything but intense fear and trepidation? Her puppy dog eyes are still adorable, though!


17. This guy has one thing on his mind: “Whoever this ‘veterinarian’ is, stop right now. I am not interested in meeting them at all.” Little does he know, he will absolutely need to meet her, and he will be spending some time on that metal counter.

18. This animal inmate is willing to do anything it takes to try to break out of his confinement, including squeezing his body through spaces that are definitely too small for him to fit through. Best of luck, pal.

19. Aww, you can actually see the tears in this dog’s eyes building up as he stares up at the veterinarian prior to his examination. No matter how much you try to calm your pets on the ride to the doctor’s office, it’s still a panic-inducing experience.

20. This little trooper just had a new green cast put on him, and he clearly isn’t thrilled about his new attire. Thankfully, now he can get it signed by all of his buddies! If only you could train a dog to use crutches and Sharpie markers…

21. This nervous pooch thinks if she burrows herself deep enough into her owner’s sweatshirt, she might be able to avoid the whole doctor’s visit altogether. Sorry, but there’s no hoodie in the world big enough to allow this escape attempt!


22. This pair of innocent eyes peering out from inside the metal sink is too adorable for words. It almost makes you feel bad that she has to go through such a terrifying ordeal. It’s a good thing the vet will know how to turn her fear into relief.


23. The look plastered on this dog’s face is the epitome of “petrified.” Whatever happened in the doctor’s office is something he’ll never want to revisit. He’ll probably just want to take a cold shower when he gets back home.


24. Even though these two animals clearly aren’t the same species, they actually look like they could be siblings based on their shocked facial expressions. They certainly don’t handle the news of going to the vet’s office very well!


25. This canine is taking a page straight out of an ostrich’s playbook and trying to bury his head in hopes it will protect him from whatever is about to happen. Pretty soon he’ll learn that the tactic he’s using isn’t all that effective!


26. This brave little soul is trying his hardest to stand tall in the face of fear, but he’s having a tough time. His eyes are asking the question, “Is it over yet?” Soon enough you’ll be home, big guy, and you’ll be treated to a nice bowl of kibbles!


27. The bond of trust was broken between these two pets and their owners. It’s going to take some work to gain it back, but they’re manage! Hopefully they were able to get the much-needed doggy and kitty equivalents of Starbucks on their way home!


28. It seems like cats keep making their way into the sink every time their human brings them to the vet’s office. Maybe the doctors should make the operating table look exactly like a sink! These feline patients will happily sit there.


29. Here’s a pet who fell victim to the dreaded cone! Having your head stuck in a plastic device for days at a time is bad enough, but it’s even worse when you have a cat in the household who likes to prance on your head while you sleep.


30. This guy is so cute that he makes you want to leap right into this picture and tell him everything will be okay. Those eyes just melt your heart, don’t they? Don’t worry, pup, you’ll be home soon enough!


31. Here’s another dog trying to incorporate the “escape like an ostrich” technique. Just like before, however, simply covering his face isn’t good enough. At least this sneaky fella thought to use a blanket that was actually camouflaged.


32. This jar of cotton balls, unfortunately, aren’t enough to hide this silly kitty. He can stare at the wall all he wants, but eventually he’ll have to give in to the fact nothing will save him from the doctor’s exam!


33. Even after an anxiety-inducing trip to the vet’s office, pets and their owners can still share a loving hug and move past the drama of the whole ordeal. Even though the experience is a frightening one, it’s always for their own good in the end!


Hey, nobody likes going to the doctor. Hopefully these adorable pets got all the toys and treats they could possibly handle when they got back home!

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