Shelter Dog Almost Ruins His Own Photo Shoot With Ridiculous Expressions, But People Love Him Anyway

When a stray dog goes up for adoption, a good shelter tries to do everything it can to help find him or her a loving home. It provides information about the animal’s breed, background, and personality to the public, but most importantly, it will display beautiful photos of the sweet pup with the hopes of catching the eye of a future owner.

Luckily, some dogs are naturals in front of the camera. Staff members at San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) recently held an adoption photo shoot for a spunky stray chihuahua named Carpe Diem.

The results, however, were stranger—and more hilarious—than anyone expected…

When a dog is put up for adoption, shelters do everything in their power to make sure the dog finds a good home. For would-be adopters, the shelter provide background info, personality information, and maybe most importantly, some photographs meant to get attention…

eHow Pets / Youtube

These adoption photographs do a wonderful job showing off the pet’s look and personality; however, as any dog owner knows, snapping the perfect pooch picture can be easier said than done.

Chelsea Dogs

Most dogs don’t stay still when there’s a camera pointed at them, which can making capturing the perfect adoption photo no small task—but that’s not always such a bad thing. Recently, one adoption agency in San Francisco held a pet photo shoot that didn’t go quite as planned, yet it still produced amazing results…

When staffers at San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) attempted to take adoption photos of this stray chihuahua, they didn’t quite know what to expect. The pup, whose name was Carpe Diem, was full of surprises, however…

SFACC / Facebook

Without even trying, Carpe Diem demonstrated a remarkable understanding of modeling. For example, he perfectly captured the 1950s wise guy look right here! That wasn’t all he wanted to show off, though.

SFACC / Facebook

Admittedly, this is one of Carpe Diem’s more puzzling looks, but still, you can tell he really pulled off what he was going for. With those huge eyes pointing in two different directions and a tongue that says “Party over here!” this look was undeniably charming. Still, you haven’t seen the best Carpe Diem had to offer…

SFACC / Facebook

It’s okay to think it: this dog is beautiful. He’s the cream that rises to the top; a specimen that will one day be heralded in the streets. And you can bet that, before the day was done, he produced even finer photographs…

Zoolander / Paramount

This was a motion shot—just a little four-legged leg action for the people watching at home. SFACC’s Deb Campbell described Carpe Diem quite succinctly when she said, “He’s a very silly little dog, not shivering like many little dogs. He is very expressive.”

SFACC / Facebook

Deb continued raving about the little dog. “He is always happy and upbeat and excited about everything he sees and everyone he meets. His name fits him perfectly, because he seizes every day!”

SFACC / Facebook

When the photo shoot finally wrapped up, you could say they ended up with the quintessential adoption dog photo: Carpe Diem sat still and smiled with his ears perked for a photo. Still, if these images were supposed to show off a dog’s personality, you have to admit they succeeded!

SFACC / Facebook

In the end, the unconventional photo shoot worked: Carpe Diem was adopted and found his forever home!

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