Homeless Dog Who Was Living Inside An Old Car Tire Finally Gets A Long-Awaited Rescue

It’s safe to say that rescuers have seen the worst of the worst when it comes to animal neglect and abandonment. Sadly, it’s just the nature of their job, but these fine people are there because they truly want to help.

While they may be used to seeing animals in stressful conditions, these rescuers occasionally encounter cases that disturb them to a degree they’ve never experienced. Animals forced to fend for themselves on the streets with little or no shelter can be in very rough shape by the time a rescue team gets to them.

Such was the case of one poor creature in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Recently, a man driving along the outskirts of the city noticed something moving in an old tire sitting along the side of the road. When he approached it to take a closer look, he got the surprise of a lifetime…

A man was recently driving past a landfill in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, when an object on the side of the road caught his eye. It was an old car tire—not an uncommon sight by any means—but there was something strange about it. In fact, there appeared to be something inside of it that was moving around…

dog-tire-3Compassion Without Borders

Curious, the man decided to take a closer look. He slowly approached the tire, and by the time he got close enough to it to realize what was inside, he was stunned. Curled up tightly inside of the tire was a skinny, sickly dog with horribly matted fur.

dog-tire-2Compassion Without Borders

The man knew he had to act fast if there was to be any hope of saving the poor animal. He immediately called Claudia Ortega, the manager of a veterinary hospital associated with Compassion Without Borders (CWOB), which was dedicated to rescuing stray dogs and cats. In no time, Claudia was on her way—but would it be too late?

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“I think that [tire] was her shelter,” Christi Camblor, founder of CWOB, said in an interview. “She’d clearly been living out there for quite some time, fending for herself out at the dump for months, if not years.”

The dog, who was eventually named Yoko, was estimated to be eight years old. She was wary of her rescuer, although she eventually gave in and started to trust Claudia. Claudia placed the sick dog in a transportation crate and brought her back to CWOB, where she could be given a proper and full medical examination.

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“She was in terrible condition,” Christi said. “She was a longer-coated dog, and she was just matted to the core. They had to shave her down, and when they did she was just riddled with fleas and ticks.”

Along with her horribly flea- and tick-infested fur, Claudia realized that Yoko had an ulcerated wound on her stomach. The veterinarians believed it could’ve been a tumor and they continued to monitor it as she healed at their facility.

dog-tire-5Compassion Without Borders

Miraculously, just a couple of days later, Yoko had healed enough to go home with Claudia! She would be in Claudia’s care temporarily until she could find a loving forever home. Needless to say, Yoko seemed to take to her new home quite nicely!

dog-tire-6Compassion Without Borders

It’s clear how much life had improved for Yoko since she was first rescued. “She’s following Claudia around and wagging her tail and acting like a regular companion dog,” Christi said about Yoko’s obvious mood change.

dog-tire-7Compassion Without Borders

While Yoko would still have to face some medical issues, the staff at CWOB believed that she would eventually make a full recovery. They also anticipated that she’d be ready for adoption in just a few short weeks. Just see the look on Yoko’s face when she was first rescued—it’s precious!

Yoko was a completely different animal by the time she was done healing at Compassion Without Borders. Let’s hope she finds a loving forever home soon! Visit CWOB’s website for more information and to see how you can help.

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