Man Whose Cat Does The Weirdest Thing Every Morning Finally Manages To Get It On Film

Many people have different routines to ready themselves for the day ahead. Some like to wake up a few hours early to go to the gym, shower, eat a full breakfast, and arrive at the office early, while others prefer to stumble out of bed at the last possible minute.

Apparently, animals can be the same way! Roosters will loudly announce that it’s morning, while dogs spend the early hours annoying their humans to fill their food dishes. The morning ritual of one cat, however, is a bit… weirder.

It’s safe to say that most people struggle to wake up every morning. After we drag ourselves out of bed and turn off our alarm clocks, our routines undoubtedly vary; everyone has their own way to prepare for the day.

Some people take a long shower every morning to rejuvenate themselves while a few will eat a big breakfast. Others will skip everything altogether in favor of extra shuteye; they’ll simply brush their teeth before they rush out the door.

Animals, just like people, also have their own morning routines to help start the day off right. For some, it’s a total breeze. All they have to do is sit up and they are totally ready for the day! For others, it’s a slow process with lots of yawning and stretching involved…

One man noticed that the way his cat woke up each morning had to take the cake. So, he did the obvious: he recorded the whole bizarre routine on camera and set it to music, of course!


The cat owner merely wanted to share the video with his friends. He had no idea how people would react when he posted it to the Internet. As it so happened, people absolutely loved what they saw!

The cat sprang onto his feet in an acrobatic display of strength and started to slowly creep his way to the edge of the rug. He began every one of his mornings with this meticulous rear-end shuffle!

Once the cat reached the end of the rug, he smoothly swiveled away from the camera. The rug was his domain, and he wasn’t going to leave it until he was completely finished showing off for his owner.


As soon as the cat positioned himself on the rug’s edge, he was off again, dragging his tail behind him! He seamlessly glided from one side to the other. Once this silly kitty got started, there was no stopping him!

Once he quickly reached the other side, the cat paused for a moment to look around. After a brief intermission, he was ready for the next round of amusing moves to show off to the camera…

He delicately began to lie on his back with the grace of a ballet dancer. This cat clearly had his routine down pat, and his owner always appreciated the meticulousness. He was truly one-of-a-kind!

Unsurprisingly, the cat’s owner had trouble convincing his family and friends that his cat did this every single morning. He needed to find a way to show them that this was just his kitty’s unique daily routine. Just watch him plop down on the carpet!

Once the cat was on his back, he suddenly shot a glance at his owner as if to say, “This is what I do, and not a bone in my body is embarrassed.” This cat was definitely the star of his own show!

Was it yoga that this cat was trying to emulate, or was he just letting the spirit move him? Whatever he was doing, there was no doubt that it was entertaining in the extreme, and that was exactly why his owner knew he had to capture it on video.

After a few moments of lounging on his back, it was time for the cat to end his solo performance. He got back to his feet and sprang up onto the couch to spend the rest of his day relaxing. As usual, his morning routine was quite the success, and now there was finally footage to prove it!

Every morning, that cat gave his owner potentially hours and hours of dance moves! Watch his entire solo performance below. It’s infinitely better with the dance music added in!

Whether he’s doing some cat yoga or he’s got a serious scratch back there remains to be seen. Still, somebody should get this cat a show in Vegas!

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