People Say This Is The Most Photogenic Cat In The World… And They Are So, So Right!

If you think taking pictures of your kids is tough, try getting a good posed photo of your cat. Even if by some miracle you can get them to sit still, convincing them that the camera is worth looking at is nearly impossible.

But this just isn’t the case for one cat owner, whose British longhair, Smoothie, doesn’t just sit still for pictures — she positively loves them! So much so, that people are calling her the most photogenic cat in the world. And once you see her head shots, you’ll definitely agree!

Meet Smoothie, the most photogenic cat in the world.

01-smoothie-cat-photogenicInstagram / Smoothiethecat

She’s a beautiful cat and something tells me she knows it!

02-smoothie-cat-photogenicInstagram / Smoothiethecat

She doesn’t just sit still for pictures, she’s a natural in front of the camera.

03-smoothie-cat-photogenicInstagram / Smoothiethecat

She just can’t take a bad photo.

04-smoothie-cat-photogenicInstagram / Smoothiethecat

“Oh hey. I didn’t see you there.”

05-smoothie-cat-photogenicInstagram / Smoothiethecat

Her Instagram is such a hit that she’s now reached over 100,000 followers!

06-smoothie-cat-photogenicInstagram / Smoothiethecat

Even she can’t believe how popular she is!

07-smoothie-cat-photogenicInstagram / Smoothiethecat

When you can strike a pose like Smoothie, you’re bound to attract some admirers.

08-smoothie-cat-photogenicInstagram / Smoothiethecat

“No more work today for you.”

09-smoothie-cat-photogenicInstagram / Smoothiethecat

It must be exhausting to be so gosh darn cute!

10-smoothie-cat-photogenicInstagram / Smoothiethecat

It’s little hard for me to come to terms with the fact that this cat is significantly better looking than I am. It’s okay, Smoothie, no one can stay mad at you! If you think she’s as beautiful as we do, like her on Instagram to see more of her awesome photos.

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