Couple Finds Injured Snapping Turtle And Know Exactly What To Do

There aren’t many creatures in the world as fearsome as the snapping turtle. With jaws that could take off a finger — and the attitude to match — they really are some of the scariest animals around.

But that didn’t stop Paul and Diane Tuttle from showing one snapping turtle in need the kindness she deserved. When the poor thing wandered into their yard in Illinois, she had been badly abused, and they knew they had to help her.

Though snapping turtles are typically considered dangerous, the Tuttles didn’t hesitate to help when this one wandered into their yard in Illinois.

01-snapping-turtle-screwdriverDouglas Holmes / Facebook

The turtle, who they later named “Tuttle,” had been stabbed through the shell with a screwdriver, and was also missing an eye from the attack.

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Yet, despite what had been done to Tuttle by some cruel people, she was never aggressive with her rescuers. So, Paul and Diane took her to the All Pets Vet Clinic for treatment.

02-snapping-turtle-screwdriverDouglas Holmes / Facebook

Douglas Holmes, a herpetologist at the Peoria Zoo, offered to care for Tuttle at his own home, and soon she was on the long road to recovery. 

03-snapping-turtle-screwdriverDouglas Holmes / Facebook

After nine months of healing, Tuttle was finally taken to an undisclosed marsh and released back into the wild. Even after suffering such cruel mistreatment, she got a second chance thanks to the love and care of a few individuals who saw more than just a dangerous animal.

04-snapping-turtle-screwdriverDouglas Holmes / Facebook

Douglas was pleased that Tuttle was able to get back to her real home at last saying, “Animals deserve that chance. It always feels good when you see an animal go free.”

Unfortunately, the culprits for this crime were never found, but thankfully, Tuttle is far away from them now.

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