20 Super-Spoiled Pets That Are Rolling In Dough Thanks To Their Wildly Rich Owners

“A dog’s life” is supposed to be down and dirty. They play fetch, they roll around in the mud, and they get into scrapes with other pooches. But there are some dogs who wouldn’t know what to do if their feet even so much as touched the ground.

The pampered pets of the rich and famous aren’t your average animals. Drinking from crystal chalices? Been there. Getting their paws painted? Done that. The ridiculous excesses these 20 spoiled pets enjoy would make Mr. Monoply blush — can you ever imagine doing this for your pets?

1. After Susan and Michael Crossland won the lottery, they wanted to do something grand for their pooch. So, they built a royal dog house complete with a throne and a hot tub for their dog, Archie.


2. A woman named Sharon who lives in Montauk, New York owns six Afghan dogs. All were featured on an Animal Planet show titled Spoiled Rotten Pets, where Sharon shared that they each live and sleep in their own bedroom and get professionally groomed every week… 

3. New York native Cynthia has one spoiled pooch named Toto. Her pup frequents Madrette the ‘Paw Reader’ to get his paw read and fortune told. According to Cynthia, Toto communicates through Madrette when he has needs that aren’t being met.


4. When Countess Carlotta Liebenstein of Germany passed away, she left her German Shepard, Gunther III, her fortune. Trustees invested the money and when Gunther III fathered Gunther IV, the pup was worth $372 million and believed to be the world’s richest dog. His favorite snack? Truffles that cost $1,000 a pop! 


5. Paris Hilton has owned 17 dogs, cats, and exotic animals, including the late Tinkerbell, a Chihuahua. Hilton has built a replica mansion in her backyard for her pets that includes a spiral staircase, mini furniture, a chandelier, and of course, air conditioning.  


6. This dog really went from rags to riches. The owner, Lori, wanted to make sure that her formerly homeless pooch Fiona was showered with love. Lori planned an entire wedding for Fiona to marry her furry companion, Chico, complete with a bridal party and fitted dresses.

7. Former President Barack Obama was gifted his Portuguese Water Dog, Bo, by Former Senator Ted Kennedy after being sworn into office. While Bo was the “First Pooch,” he had the run of the White House including the luscious lawns, but even cooler? He got his own official White House portrait! 


8. A family from Stanhope, New Jersey owns two dogs named Nicky and Sophia. When Nicky turned 13 in human years the family threw him a “Bark Mitzvah” to celebrate his coming of age from pup to pooch. Don’t worry, Sophia will get one when she reaches adulthood, too.

9. According to an interview, Karl Lagerfeld was watching model Baptiste Giabiconi’s cat Choupette, and fell so in love that he refused to give her back! He reports that Choupette has and uses her own iPad and has two handmaids (well, paw-maidens) that record everything she does in a diary when Lagerfeld isn’t around.


10. Oprah Winfrey has five “fur-children”. She has set up a trust fund to take care of each one should anything happen to her. Winfrey said, “I can’t begin to repay my own dogs for the flat-out joy they bring me.” We think $30 million should just about cover it.

Harpo Inc./Jose Tutiven

11. Another feature from Spoiled Rotten Pets lets us see how pampered pet ducks live their lives. Owners Nettie and Alex will take their ducks, Victor and Ming Mei, for leashed walks on the beach. They also transport their ducks in a custom crate that attaches to the back of Nettie’s bicycle.

Animal Planet

12. A pot-bellied pig named Franklin runs the show when it comes to his owner Joe’s hardware store. The pig brings in the customers and Joe reaps the benefits — he’s also listed as a public figure on Facebook.

13. George Clooney is no stranger to pigs, either. Before he got married and had children, it was just him and his pet pig, Max. The 300-lb animal lived 18 fabulous years with Clooney and even was his plus one for many high-end events.


14. Model and Actress Rachel Hunter bought a custom “dog house” for her beloved canine friends. The company who made it, La Petite Maison, will build a doggy mansion with custom features catered specifically to your pooch for between $10,000 to $25,000.

Rose Burke

15. Jessica Simpson’s late dog, Daisy, lived a short but pampered life. The Maltipoo only traveled in couture carriers and got VIP treatment when staying at hotels, like special, off-menu meals.

16. Jessica and Eric are dog-treat bakers and owners of the dog bakery Bubba Rose Biscuit Company. Their two dogs, Bubba and Rose not only inspired the name of their company, but they also have a very important role: taste testing every treat before it hits shelves. 

17. One anonymous owner of a Los Angeles mansion has a very special koi pond in their backyard. Sure, each fish costs tens of thousands of dollars and must be transported from Japan, but the real kicker? They all flew via a first class and were held by an assistant the entire way.

18. Tapit the horse, from the Gainesway Farm in Kentucky, comes from a breeding bloodline that has the most desired genetics in the breeding world. Owners of female horses will pay up to $150,000 for a ‘session’ with this stud in hopes of producing offspring. It’s estimated that Tapit is worth $50 million.

Michele MacDonald

19. Most people call the exterminator when they find a rat in their home, but one woman named Diane invites them in. In fact, she has several pet rats including her newest named Vinnie. When Vinnie celebrated his first birthday, Diane threw him a party to enjoy alongside her other spoiled rats. 


20. This bearded dragon doesn’t sleep in just any cage. The lizard has a small plush bedroom set that comes with a bed to sleep on, a stuffed animal to cuddle with, and several art pieces for wall decor. 


It’s still hard to believe that a German Shepard gets to vacation on the coast and eat at fancy restaurants. Does the Applebee’s 2 for $20 count as fancy?

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