Cop Finds A Nest Full Of Adorable Little Creatures Living Inside His Squad Car

Bringing your vehicle to a shop for regular maintenance is just part of owning a car. Whether you drive a sedan, a truck, or an SUV, at some point your vehicle is going to need a tune-up. You rely on the mechanic’s expertise to know when something is actually wrong, but most of the time, routine maintenance is just that.

Every so often, though, the mechanic may uncover a problem that completely takes you by surprise. Whether it’s a minor issue or your car is destined for the junkyard, the mechanic’s news is usually something you were not prepared to deal with.

One deputy from McHenry County, Illinois, learned all about this when he needed to have a headlight replaced. He assumed it would be a routine fix, but he soon discovered there was nothing ordinary about what the mechanic found to be “wrong” with his squad car!

Every driver has had to bring their vehicle to the mechanic’s shop for maintenance at some point. We trust that the technicians will fix the issue in question, but occasionally they end up finding something that completely takes us by surprise. One deputy experienced this firsthand when the mechanic made a very unexpected discovery in his squad car.

squirrel-5Valerie Everett / Flickr

In McHenry County, Illinois, a deputy brought his squad car into the local shop after he noticed his headlight was broken. It was a routine fix, and the officer expected to have his car back in working condition shortly after. Little did he know the surprising phone call he was about to receive would be about more than just his headlight!

squirrel-6Susan Fitzgerald / Flickr

The mechanic called him not long after he dropped off his squad car and told the deputy that he needed to come back immediately. The mechanic wouldn’t say what had happened over the phone, so the officer jumped into his other car and rushed to the shop. As soon as he arrived, he was in shock at what the mechanic showed him…

squirrel-1McHenry County Sheriff’s Office

It appeared that there was some sort of intricate nest that was built inside the wheel well of the deputy’s squad car! It was in good condition considering it was located in a very cramped spot. But what exactly made the nest?

squirrel-3McHenry County Sheriff’s Office

It turned out it was a family of squirrels—and there were still four babies lying undisturbed in the leaves! Both the mechanic and the deputy were in shock at the discovery. How the heck did the squirrels get in there? Regardless, they knew they needed to get the little critters back to safety with their mother… wherever she was.

squirrel-4McHenry County Sheriff’s Office

The mechanic was able to carefully remove the entire nest in one piece and place it inside of a small box. Luckily, the babies were undisturbed the entire time and stayed snuggled up and tucked in a tight, cozy circle.

squirrel-2McHenry County Sheriff’s Office

The deputy rushed home and placed the box in the same exact spot that his squad car had been parked with the hope that the mother would eventually return. He was afraid that the nest had been disturbed too much and the mother wouldn’t come back, but he had to at least try.

squirrel-9Daniel R. Blume / Flickr

It took a couple of hours, but sure enough, the mother squirrel came back! Of course, she had no idea that she’d made a nest in a very hazardous location, but at least all of her babies were safe thanks to the deputy and the mechanic’s caring work.

squirrel-8likeaduck / Flickr

If the deputy never brought his car in for a routine fix, who knows what would have happened to the nest of babies? Luckily, both the mechanic and the officer were caring enough to make sure the well-being of the squirrels was their number one priority!

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