Squirrel Mom's Desperate Move To Save Family Has People In Tears

When a young, motherless critter found its way into the care of two wildlife rescuers, the human duo did their best to give the wild (and non-domesticated) animal a chance to live. They didn’t realize, however, they were about to embark on a heartwarming journey that thousands would follow online…

All alone

If you found a mother squirrel leaving her two newborns on your bed before disappearing into the night, what would you do? A New York man faced this very dilemma when he found a family of baby squirrels making a nest inside his house.

Incredibly small

A bit shocked to say the least, he had no idea what to do. These little ones were so small they couldn't even open their eyes yet! Luckily, their mom was around...for a little bit, at least.

Occasional visits

Mother squirrel visited them frequently at first, feeding her babies and building a nest outside; but at some point, she stopped returning. Here the man was, with two baby squirrels on his bed. He felt responsible for them.

Emergency care

Not knowing how to take care of baby squirrels, the man called wildlife rescue, who arrived quickly to assess the state of the babies. Fully aware they would not survive without the mother, the rescuers decided to intervene.