A Stray Cat That Was Acting Funny Tests Positive For A Staggering Condition

As soon as Sandra Daniloff laid eyes on a tabby cat named Bruce Willis at an animal shelter, she knew deep down that he was meant to be hers. But there was an issue — the stray feline had been struck down by illness, including one particularly nasty condition. Plus, he was sadder than most cats and looked beat up and tired of life. He’d not known anything other than the street, you see. Would Bruce survive long enough for Daniloff to adopt him?

So many strays

Lots of cats find themselves in Bruce's situation. Records from 2018 indicated that nearly 60 million felines didn’t have a home in the U.S., according to the Wildlife Removal website. That’s a staggering figure, right? You don't have to love animals to be heartbroken by it, either — especially if you met Bruce.

Bruce’s story

In Bruce’s case, he’d been a stray for a large portion of his life. The tabby was roughly six years old when Minnesota’s Animal Humane Society welcomed him through their doors. But the poor kitty wasn’t in the best of shape at that time due to his lengthy spell in the wild.

Physical condition

Bruce had a scarred eye and damaged teeth upon his arrival, reported the website Love Meow. One of his ears wasn’t looking too great, either. The description alone is choking us up! And although the cat received the treatment he needed at the shelter, there was another issue bubbling away in the background.

Friendly feline

Yes, Bruce was suffering from another serious medical condition alongside his other ailments, one that would've turned most cats into total sourpusses. Regardless of the pain Bruce was in, however, he was incredibly affectionate towards those working at the facility. Not all strays are like that when they’re rescued.