Chicken Rescued From Hawk Attack By The Least Likely Of Heroes

Thanks in part to works like Charlotte’s Web, it’s nice to imagine that farm animals are all secretly pals. There is just something so sweet about all those critters being the best of friends just like in the E.B. White novel.

Still, you wouldn’t expect anyone, friend or otherwise, to do what this feathered fellow did when he noticed a hungry hawk was attacking the family chicken. It was that unbelievable!

After spotting his chicken friend in trouble, he did the unthinkable. Luckily, it was all caught on security camera…

This footage, which was captured last year via a security camera is causing quite the stir. The camera, positioned to face the backyard of a small farm, caught one of the family’s hens taking a walk through the yard on an otherwise ordinary autumn day.


As the hen entered the camera’s frame, something terrifying plunged through the air and swooped right at her—a hungry hawk! Luckily for the hen, she had a watchful guardian angel on the farm looking out for her.


The actual footage of the encounter is about as intense as you might imagine. There was not a second to waste, as the poor chicken was seconds away to becoming the hawk’s Happy Meal. So when someone came rushing to the rescue, no one could believe what they were seeing…


The ferocious hawk attacked the helpless chicken like a bullet out of the sky, and it sure looked like all hope was lost. Then, out of nowhere, the chicken’s savior appeared, just in the nick of time…


Watch the footage for yourself to see what happens next. Just when you think that chicken is a goner, someone very unlikely comes in to try to intervene. But can he really stop a hungry hawk?

That was intense, huh? Who knew that such a crazy battle would go down on an ordinary farm!

The chicken escaped with only a few lost feathers, but thanks to her duck friend, she wasn’t too worse for the wear.

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