Woman Adopts A Tiny Dog But Is Stunned At What It Grows Up To Be

One of the biggest factors that many people consider when looking to adopt a dog is size. Big pups are great, but they present a lot of challenges. Conversely, while small dogs are convenient, sometimes you just want more to love! Ultimately, it's a personal choice.

When Yumna, a resident of South Africa, adopted Tydus the dog, she wasn't too concerned. After all, the puppy was so tiny! Inevitably, of course, Tydus would grow... and grow and grow.

In the end, Yumna never could have predicted how humongous Tydus would become...

A South African woman named Yumna was absolutely thrilled to be able to adopt an adorable Alaskan malamute puppy. From the moment that she first saw him, she knew he was something special.
Yet Yumna could never have expected that the dog, whom she named Tydus, would change in such a significant way. After all, he was so small when she adopted him. She knew Alaskan malamutes grew in size, but really, how big could he actually get?
Of course, Tydus did start to grow... and grow... and grow. When he did, Yumna was in for a real shock! How large would her tiny puppy really become? Well, as it so happened, she hadn't seen anything yet...
As an adult, Tydus eventually grew to be an absolutely massive 120 pounds. Even for an Alaskan malamute like him, that was almost inconceivably huge! He practically looked like a miniature bear, didn't he?