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Amazing Photos Of The World’s “Ugliest” Animals

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but certain animals really do put that theory to the test. Nature is home to many peculiar-looking creatures that can prompt gasps and double-takes galore. Don’t believe us? We’ve assembled the strangest creatures that the animal kingdom has to offer. And while they might seem “ugly,” don’t judge a book by its cover. You’ll be left amazed by what these quirky critters can do.


This monkey really stands out from the crowd! And no, its distinctive red glow isn’t caused by a bad case of sunburn from its Amazonian home. This is a uakari monkey. Healthy uakaris will always have bright-red faces like this. A pale face, on the other hand, is associated with ill health.

A paler face also makes this primate less appealing as a reproductive partner. Eating a good selection of fruit, seeds, flowers, and insects is the key to both that signature glow and finding a mate for a uakari monkey.

Sphynx cat

From the lack of hair to the unfortunate wrinkles, it’s easy to understand why this sphynx cat might be sporting a large frown! But while it does look a little odd compared to other breeds, this feline is actually as affectionate and affable as can be.

The grumpy demeanor belies a drive to bring smiles to its owners’ faces. The first sphinxes appeared in Toronto, Canada, in the mid-1960s due to “a naturally occurring genetic mutation” in a shorthair litter.

Hammer-headed bat

Also known as Hypsignathus monstrosus, the hammer-headed bat does look like something that could pop up in a horror movie and eat you. Yet this creature is harmless, only filling its belly with fruit. Native to central Africa, it’s the biggest bat species on the continent, with males boasting a near 3-foot wingspan!

Speaking of male hammer-headed bats, you’re staring at one right here. All the guys look like this, while the females have slimmer faces and that look a bit fox-like.

Elephant seal

Excluding dolphins and whales, an elephant seal is the biggest marine mammal on the planet. But it’s probably not in the running to be named the cutest, although this fella might contest that! The females and young all have a fairly normal appearance, while the males start to change between the ages of three and five.

That’s when they hit sexual maturity, and their noses start to balloon in size. Why? Well, it aids their mating attempts. The males can use their huge snouts almost like loudspeakers to scare off potential competition for partners. Impressive!