This Cat Is Virtually Unrecognizable Just One Year After Being Rescued From The Street

Watching a pet grow is one of the most rewarding parts of having an animal companion. When that pet is a rescue, the sense of pride in seeing them mature into a healthy, strong animal is even greater.

When Justina Strumilaite found a stray cat named Brownie, he was in dire need of help. He was thin and struggling to survive. After a year of recovery under her care, he’s practically unrecognizable. You have to see what he looks like now!

When Justina adopted a kitten named Brownie, she did it mostly because she felt bad for the sickly cat. He was extremely weak and no one expected him to live long.  


Brownie was also disabled, as he had one paw with just two toes. He struggled to gain any weight because he refused to eat. Justina remained persistent, though, and eventually got him to start drinking and eating.


Before long, Brownie became an energetic ball of fur. He followed Justina all around her house, as if he were a dog.


Over the year, it was obvious that Brownie was going to make a full recovery. He started to get fluffier and fluffier by the day until he was bigger than ever!


It’s amazing that Brownie made such a quick turnaround, and considering how tiny he was as a kitten, his size is even more astonishing!

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