UPS Employees Have A Private Facebook Group About Their Favorite Customers

Have you ever wondered what your delivery driver really thinks about you? Well, according to a popular Facebook group, they’re not just focused on making humans happy. As it turns out, UPS drivers are as obsessed with your furry friends as you are! And some go to extreme lengths in order to cuddle up with their favorite customers...

Five adorable packages

As if his truck wasn’t crowded enough, this UPS driver now has five more deliveries to handle. At least these packages are cuter than the usual boring brown boxes. They’re also softer, furrier, and freak out whenever the mailman comes around... Oh, they’re not packages, they’re puppies!

Time for a selfie

This guy saw the opportunity for an adorable selfie and knew he had to take it! The thing is, his furry friend saw it as an opportunity not for cuteness, but for absolute chaos. They just couldn’t contain their love for the neighborhood UPS driver, and we can’t say we blame them.

An excited customer

This driver didn’t even have a chance to get out of his seat! An antsy customer just had to leap into the truck themselves. If we had to guess, the dog wasn’t even waiting for a package to be delivered — just the UPS man himself. You can totally see the love in their eyes.

Reunited, and it feels so good!

We like to think this little dog started barking with excitement the moment she heard the UPS truck turn down her street. And maybe the UPS driver also had a pep in his step when he delivered at this address! It’s always nice when old friends get to reunite.