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He Made Her These Keys for Valentine’s Day. The Surprise They Unlocked? Amazing!

On Valentine’s Day, the air is charged with love and romance. Gifts are sent to secret admirers, flowers are exchanged, and more than a little chocolate is consumed by lovey-dovey lovers. One man, though, made it his mission to create something extra special for his paramour. What he didn't expect was his girlfriend's over-the-top reaction to the surprise!

The perfect gift

This beautiful wooden box was part of a Valentine’s Day gift from craftsman and Redditor "curtisabrina" to his girlfriend. The touching Greek inscription carved onto the lid translates to “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” The box contained a multitude of delights, too.

A puzzle box

Spinning the wooden heart on the lid unlocked the box. It opened to reveal two stunning machine-made brass keys. “They are meant to be two separate keys but are designed to fit inside one another,” curtisabrina explained in a Reddit post. “The imagery was that the larger key was to represent me and the smaller to represent her (it was prettier).” But what did they unlock?

A lot of hard work

That was the question curtisabrina was going to answer with this creation. "I made this box solely for the 2 keys," the Redditor explained. Yes, the pretty present box was a labor of love for the besotted man. And he set to work creating a box that contained secrets in every crevice.

A labor of love

The only part of the box that curtisabrina didn't share with his enraptured audience was a peek at the box lining. "I lined the inside [of the box] with an emerald pillow and embedded an inscription on the underside of the lid," he explained with an apology. "But that is only for my love to read."