Ferry Crew’s Trip Becomes A Rescue Mission When They Spot This Creature In The Water

Every single day, hundreds of ferries travel through the aptly named Sydney Harbor in Sydney, Australia, carrying commuters across the Parramatta River to the nearby suburbs. Recently, though, a potentially fatal problem halted them all.

A person standing on the shore spotted something swimming about 150 feet away from the wharf and into the heavily-trafficked paths of the ferries. The strange creature became caught up in evening commuter traffic, and if someone didn't do something quick, it was going to be chopped to bits...

In New South Wales, Australia, ferries transport thousands of citizens from the bustling city of Sydney to the suburb of Manly each day. Recently, just after the evening commute, a woman was shocked to see something dive into the water—and right into ferry traffic.

The woman watched the critter swim 150 feet out past the jetty and right into the busy boat path. Something had to be done, but what? Luckily, a volunteer for the Sydney Wildlife rescue group named Joseph Battaglia was nearby feeding penguins...

"This woman came to us with a pram and a couple of kids in it," Joseph explained. She told him some kind of animal "jumped into the water and is trying to swim across." Joseph and his team rushed to the water's edge to investigate.

At this point, a crowd had gathered along the edge and watched in shock as the mysterious animal paddled right into harm's way. Joseph called the water police and New South Wales's maritime department, but neither organization could help. What could be done?