12 Of The Strangest Things That Have Ever Been Recovered From Inside Animals’ Stomachs

Anyone who owns a dog can tell you that, cute as the little rascals are, they won’t hesitate to eat, well… anything. A petrified French fry found under the passenger seat of a sun-baked car? That’s a canine delicacy! A dead bird from the backyard? Oh, boy, that’s the perfect chew toy! But dogs aren’t the only animals willing to swallow just about anything.

Truly, just about every animal in the kingdom—whether they’re domesticated, feral, or wild—isn’t above chowing down on some seriously weird stuff. In fact, just looking at some of these strange things found in animal stomachs will have you scratching your head and wondering why on earth would they eat that?

1. Suit of armor: Scientists found an entire suit of medieval armor in the stomach of a shark, though as to how it ended up there, they were clueless. The guy must have had an enormous appetite!

Discovery / YouTube

2. A lot of socks: One three-year-old Great Dane ate a sock, and he liked it so much that he ate another. And then another. Pretty soon, this dog had consumed 43-and-a-half socks and ended up getting his stomach pumped at the vet. Yikes!

3. Light bulb: Thankfully, the puppy who swallowed this light bulb didn’t mash it up into tiny glass shards—those would’ve been impossible to remove. Nope, this guy swallowed the bulb whole, which saved his life and made for an interesting X-ray.

4. Entire human: Poor Cindy Waldron was in New South Whales, Australia, celebrating her friend’s recovery from cancer when, tragically, she went missing. Then, Queensland Police found her in the stomach of an enormous crocodile.

5. Nails: Hooch the hound wouldn’t stop throwing up, so his owners took him to the vet. There they discovered not one, not two, but a whole pile of nails in his stomach. That couldn’t have been an enjoyable meal, right?

Thomas Dock / YouTube

6. Entire deer: Ken Owens of Alabama cut open a half-ton alligator that he planned to taxidermy. Inside its stomach, he found an entirely intact deer. “I can’t imagine how it got a hold of that adult deer and ate it in one piece like that,” Ken said shortly after his find.

7. Pet parrot: In Australia, snake catcher Stuart McKenzie received this photograph of a snake halfway through an unfortunate meal. Evidently, the family who took it couldn’t find their pet parrot until they walked outside and saw this…

ABC Australia

8. Hundreds of coins: A turtle in Thailand lived in a public pond in which tourists frequently flipped coins for luck. Being a hungry guy, the turtle ate them. In fact, he ate so many coins that their sheer weight cracked his shell. Miraculously, he lived.

Associated Press / YouTube

9. Electric blanket: Veterinarian Karsten Fostvedt of Idaho spent hours removing an entire electric blanket—cord and all—from a 12-foot python’s stomach. The python’s owner theorized the blanket had become tangled up with the snake’s dinner.

10. Two handkerchiefs, a glove, rope, coins, and a hook: In the early 20th century, experts at the London Zoo performed an autopsy on a deceased ostrich to find out its cause of death. In the process, they found a lot of junk… like a lot.

National Media Museum / Flickr

11. Mummified baby crocodiles: Ancient Egyptians were known to mummify crocodiles, but experts didn’t expect to find these tiny fellas in the stomach of a fully-grown mummified crocodile—like a matryoshka doll of mummified crocs.

12. Live bomb: A Chinese fisherman went to gut a three-foot squid, when his knife struck something much harder than any squid organ. It was a live bomb, one that would, if not handled with care, explode. Talk about your deadliest catch!

Asia HOT / YouTube

13. Dozens of rocks: When one rock just doesn’t curb your appetite, you’ve gotta eat a few more. At least, you do according to this Texas frog, whose owners suspected he’d been eating rocks out of his cage. Turns out, they were right!

14. Collection of junk: Jumbo the elephant once traveled the United States as part of a circus. When he wasn’t entertaining crowds, he apparently ate literally anything. An autopsy showed he’d swallowed everything from keys and pennies to whistles. Talk about junk in the trunk.

15. Bras: English veterinarian Michael Jefferson removed 12 pounds worth of bras from the stomach of a dog named Molly. The pup’s owners, who couldn’t afford the surgery, were then actually barred from owning another pet.

16. Human arm: In the 1930s, boxer and mobster Jimmy Smith went missing. He was a police informant, which was a big no-no in the mob, so they, uh, disposed of him when they found out. Police then found his arm in a tiger shark’s stomach!

17. Chickens and the coop: Off the coast of Florida, someone found a shark with whole chickens in its stomach. Oh yeah, and the entire chicken coop they lived in, too. Had someone really just disposed of their chickens in the ocean?

18. Pocket knife: A Labrador named Lucy from Springfield, Illinois, spotted a pocket knife sitting on a coffee table, thought it looked delicious, and ate it. Veterinarians had to induce vomiting to get it out, but not until after they captured this remarkable X-ray.

19. Sweatpants: Marine Biologist Pam Martin examined a washed-up whale on the shore of a west Seattle beach. It had a lifetime’s worth of garbage in its stomach, including a golf ball (had someone been hitting them into the ocean?) and—get this—sweatpants.

The Seattle Times

20. Human thumb: In Wyoming, a man named Robert Lindsey lost two fingers and a thumb to a boat propeller in 1991. Then, amazingly, the thumb turned up a year later, undigested, in the stomach of a trout.

National Park Service

Examining a few things found in animal stomachs shows just how willing animals are to eat just about anything!

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