Woman Has Emotional Reunion With Her Horse After Being Away For Three Weeks

Being away from a loved one for a prolonged period of time can be difficult for anyone. A YouTube user named LuckyHoof knew that all too well. When she recently had to leave to her horse for three weeks, she knew the distance would not only be tough on her adoring pet but on herself, too.

That being said, even she had no idea just how much she’d really be missed! That was until she came back to her horse—who had the most amazing reaction. It’s a good thing the cameras were rolling for this one because it was truly a special moment!

When you’re away from a close friend or family member for a long period of time, it can be difficult to figure out how to cope. After all, these important people become part of your routine, something YouTube user LuckyHoof understood better than anyone.

As the proud owner of a beautiful horse, she knew that any time they spent apart was likely to be hard to bear. So when she recently went abroad on vacation, she anticipated the distance to wear on the both of them.

Of course, LuckyHoof was supposed to be relaxing and forgetting about her life back home. She was on vacation! Still, she knew that her best friend was simply standing in the pasture, munching on grass and missing her.

Finally, it was time for LuckyHoof to reunite with her beloved horse. She couldn’t wait! The drive home from the airport was practically unbearable. Only, she had to wonder: how would her equine pal respond to her homecoming? Would she even care?

After all, horses are not like other pets. Dogs, for instance, will often immediately run to be with their owners after some time away. They’ll bark and jump and spin in wild circles; they’ll act like they hadn’t seen their owners for years!

Dogs are almost famous for their excited reactions. It’s as if they’re afraid that you might be gone forever every time you leave the house without them! LuckyHoof fully understood that horses don’t necessarily have the same response…

Finally, after being away for three long weeks, LuckyHoof knew it was time to find out. How would her horse react after she’d been away from home for so long? She threw back the gate, ready to see for herself.

When LuckyHoof approached the pasture, she started to call out to her horse to try to get her attention. She was still standing pretty far away, but she hoped the echo of her voice would carry to the field down below. Would her horse be excited to see her?

Unfortunately, LuckyHoof’s horse didn’t seem to react—at least not in the way her owner had anticipated. Suddenly, thoughts began to circle in LuckyHoof’s head. Had the distance apart caused some rift between the two?

“Here horsey-horse!” LuckyHoof called out, undeterred. Initially, her horse—draped in a heavy coat to keep her warm—appeared cautious and somewhat confused. Who was this person shouting from so far away?

Soon enough, though, the curious horse threw caution to the wind and started sprinting toward the woman. As she drew nearer, she must have finally recognized the person calling to her was her beloved owner!

As LuckyHoof came face-to-face with her beautiful horse, one thing was immediately clear: her hoofed friend sure was excited to see her again! All the previous doubt was tossed aside, and they could focus on having a happy reunion!

Aw! Horses may not be able to come into our houses or cuddle up with us on the couch, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still feel a close connection with us. They just express their love a little bit differently!

Doesn’t everyone dream of a homecoming like this after being away? You can almost feel the overwhelming emotion from this sweet animal. Seriously, horses are some of the best animals to have around for a lot of different reasons!

Everyone could use a horse buddy. Not only are they beautiful and majestic animals, but they offer much in the form of companionship and love. Just look at this pair spreading the good vibes!

They don’t mind your funny cat kisses, either! Horses aren’t ones to discriminate just because their friends are smaller than they are. In fact, they use those opportunities to embrace the differences between them and their animal pals.


Did you know that horses will play tag with you? If you thought your family dog enjoyed running around for hours on end, then you won’t believe the amount of energy a horse can have. They don’t call it “horsing around” for no reason.

Crafting a secret handshake with your best buddy is one great way to make your friendship unique and special. This baby goat definitely enjoys the one he and his horse friend came up with!

Growing up on farms usually means a lot of early mornings, and you can bet your bottom dollar that horses are early risers. So if you need someone to be your personal alarm clock, look no further; a horse has you covered.

Horses will even help get you ready for the day! Sure, something as big as a horse might not be the most delicate groomer, but he does have the ability to get to some of those hard-to-reach spots!


Did you know horses are fantastic stylists? When you carry around a fabulous mane all day long, you have to be! “I’m thinking of going for the Elvis look,” this kitten seems to say. “I got you, fam,” says the horse.

As gentle giants of the fields and farms, horses are always there to offer comfort and affection to a friend in need. This dog was probably scolded for marking his human’s boots, but his horse buddy knows just how to console him.

 Is there no animal a horse can’t befriend? Heck, this looks like it might just be a still from the next entry in the Planet Of The Apes franchise. Caesar, is that you over there on that horse?


Horses will be your best friend no matter how big or small you may be. That’s what makes them such great farm residents. Everyone in the barnyard surely wants to be their pal!


This should go without saying, but horses will always give you a ride whenever you need it. Don’t worry about spending loads of cash on gas money; your equine friend will bring you wherever you’ve got to go!


Now this is quite the crew, isn’t it? It looks like the plot for the next Homeward Bound movie. The only question is: where’s Shadow, Chance, and Sassy? Those three would surely love to get a ride from a friendly horse during one of their adventures.

Horses make great listeners. If you’re looking for someone who lets you vent after a long day at the office, then a horse is the best friend you could ever ask for. They love to sit down and listen intently to what you have to say… even if you’re a “boar.”


Can’t reach the drinking fountain? A horse will help! Just let her redirect water for you while you quench your thirst. It’s pretty obvious by now that they really know how to lend a hand… er, hoof.

Can you imagine a world where dogs walk horses? Isn’t that the sort of thing that only exists in fairy tales? Well, the proof is in the pudding! Just take a look at these best pals strolling around the farm. That’s real companionship.

If you thought cats liked to rub their heads on objects around your house, just wait until you get a load of this horse paying it right back to his kitty friend. They could probably stay there for hours giving each other head scratches.

For horses, you don’t have to be big to make friends. In fact, this miniature fellow is best pals with a cat! You can rest assured these two buddies enjoy their strolls around the barnyard.

These two must have really thought they were related when they met for the first time. Once they got to talking, they realized one barked while the other could only neigh. Regardless, they’ve bonded over their similar fashion sense!

They say you have to get your start somewhere, and with the help of friends, you can achieve all your dreams. Luckily for this little fella, he’s making his dreams of becoming an equestrian horse come true by practicing jumping over the family dog!

Oh goodness! The adorable friendships with these horses just don’t end. If you thought those horses were friendly, just wait until you see just how awesome these are. Talk about serious friendship goals…


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