Woman Saves Calf From Auction, Then Brings Him Home And Makes An Unlikely Friend

Susan Klingenberg’s life took an unexpected turn after she saved a small calf at a livestock auction. But when she brought the little guy back to her house, he was greeted by one of her other pets. And while initially Susan had been pretty nervous about how the pair would interact with each other, something quite remarkable happened.

A life-changing decision

Hailing from Maryland, Susan was an analyst in the business sector. She’d stayed at the same firm for over two decades, and something needed to change. With her career in full flow, she made a decision that would go on to change everything — and it was one fueled by pure emotion. This major life event came in 2009.

Susan’s promise

Sadly, Susan’s mother lost her life that year. Before she passed, though, her daughter made a promise: she intended to buy a farm for the family. Apparently, it’s something they’d always spoken about in the past. So, a short time later, Susan fulfilled her vow and purchased a plot of land that was only a few minutes away from her old childhood home.

Huge aspirations

And that’s where Susan stayed for the next six years, looking after a variety of creatures. Yet deep down, she knew that her aspirations would outgrow the farm. While she wanted to create her own refuge for rescued animals, her own estate could only hold so many. In search of a solution, the now part-time business analyst started to scope out a new base of operations.

Making the move

In the end, Susan found the perfect spot, but it meant saying goodbye to the place she’d always called home. Yep, the new farm was located in the state of Virginia. So, alongside her 19 animals, the farmer left Maryland behind in May 2018. So would her leap of faith pay off?