Family Loses Their Dog All Because Of A Common Item That’s Probably In Most People’s Homes

Most responsible pet owners are aware that certain foods and ingredients that are otherwise harmless to humans, like chocolate, can be extremely dangerous for their dogs to eat. Of course, they avoid these foods at all costs—and even if their pups sniff out these forbidden treats, they’ll most likely only suffer from a bad case of diarrhea.

But there’s a dangerous snack that most people don’t even think about, and tragically, it cost one Wisconsin family their beloved two-year-old golden retriever, Luna.

Now, veterinarians are issuing a warning to dog owners everywhere about the dangers of keeping this product in their homes…

Anyone who owns a dog knows their pooches are always on the hunt for something to eat. Whether that means scarfing down whatever kibble is in their bowls the minute it’s poured or hoping they can have a bite of your roast beef sandwich, it makes no difference to them.

As responsible dog owners are aware, there’s a laundry list of varying foods and ingredients that may be harmless to humans but that can be deadly to pups. For instance, chocolate, onions, grapes, avocados, and raisins are a big no-no!

Unfortunately, this knowledge isn’t easily passed on to our four-legged friends. And with a dog’s natural sense of curiosity, it’s only a matter of time before they get into something they shouldn’t. Sadly, one Wisconsin family had to learn that the hard way when their two-year-old golden retriever, Luna, did just that…

Luna’s family was away from their home for several hours, and they left their beloved pooch all on her own. Naturally, they always kept any dangerous items out of her reach. Yet, it wasn’t long before Luna’s curiosity got the best of her, and she wandered around their home looking for something to eat.


That’s when she stumbled upon a container of Ice Breakers lemon-flavored chewing gum. While it’s not totally unsafe for a dog to consume gum, this type contained an ingredient not many people are aware can be fatal to dogs when ingested.

Ashley Dickson

The fatal ingredient in this gum is known as xylitol. It’s a chemical sweetener most often found in sugar-free foods, like chewing gum. Unfortunately, many people don’t necessarily consider this when they dog-proof their home.

Luna’s family had no idea that their pooch had gotten into the pack of Ice Breakers gum—nor did they know what would happen to her after eating it. After munching on only a couple pieces, the dog became very sick…

When the family finally returned to their home, they noticed right away that something was wrong with their golden retriever. She was incredibly ill, so they rushed her to an emergency veterinary clinic.

When the veterinary team realized that Luna had ingested xylitol, they realized that the damage done to the dog’s liver was far too great. They then had to inform the family what no pet owner ever wants to hear: Luna needed to be put to sleep.

With Luna’s case and others popping up around the country, veterinarians everywhere are warning pet owners about the dangers of keeping foods containing xylitol in their homes. Learn more about this danger—and others—here…

Even if you’ve owned dogs all your life, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard about xylitol or knew about its effects. Now, help spread the word so other similar situations can be avoided!

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