Dog Dumped At A Shelter For Being ‘Depressed’ Watches Her Family Take Home A New Dog Instead

Most families are heartbroken whenever they’re put in a situation that requires them to give up their dog. Dogs are members of our own family, after all, and we don’t want to lose them.

Sadly, though, not everyone sees their pets as thinking, feeling beings that can be hurt emotionally the way that humans can. One family surrendered their dog to a shelter after he got in some trouble—but what they did next was nearly unforgivable.

Volunteers at California’s Downey Animal Care Center have nothing but good things to say about a 2-year-old German shepherd they renamed Zuzu (yes, after the character from It’s a Wonderful Life)! Yet her tale is a sad one. Once upon a time, she used to live with a family and the dog who was her father. Things took a turn for the worse, however, once her father passed away.

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Desi, a longtime volunteer at the shelter, said that Zuzu’s owners told them the dog had fallen into deep depression and was frequently “crying” after the loss of her father. At one point, Zuzu jumped over the fence into the yard of their neighbors, who called Animal Control.

Animal Control, wrongly assuming that Zuzu was a stray, sent Zuzu to the shelter, where the volunteers helped her settle into the facility. That’s when the owners showed up, causing Zuzu to “light up like a Christmas tree.”

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“She looked like the happiest dog. Yeah, she’s going home,” wrote Desi in a Facebook post. The owners even started petting Zuzu through the fence, so it was clear the dog belonged to them!

But when Desi asked the family if they were there to reclaim Zuzu, what they said shocked her: they were actually going to adopt a new dog.

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“Their reason was because she was crying and sad since her father passed away. She wasn’t a happy dog anymore,” Desi explained. “Their solution for her unhappiness was just leaving her here. And [to] go get another dog.” (Desi didn’t know whether the family actually ended up getting another dog.)

“Let’s get her into the perfect home please,” Desi pleaded after posting Zuzu’s story and video. The post was shared by thousands, with many people expressing their outrage in the comments. Luckily for Zuzu, a rescue organization has taken her in, and they are committed to helping her find an “exceptional” forever home.

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This heartbreaking and infuriating video captures the moment that Zuzu thought she would be reunited with her old family.

One could only imagine how heartbroken and confused Zuzu must have been to be cast aside like that by her own family. She deserves so much better, and hopefully she’ll find a family soon that recognizes that.

Please visit Shelter Me’s website to see what you can do to help Zuzu and other dogs just like her, and share this story with your friends who love dogs below.

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